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Southern, US 160. Both scenic and twisty, medium traffic density, excellent road condition. This stretch of highway runs between US 65 north of Branson, MO to US 63 at West Plains, MO. There are about five small communities along the route which you have to slow down for but they provide rest stops also. There are also several side roads to travel along the way to add to the ride.

Southwest, HWY 90. Both twisty and scenic, low traffic density, excellent road condition. HWY 90 Between Noel, MO and HWY 71. Very twisty, a good road for sport bikes to let it all hang out if you dare. I will ride it 1 or 2 times a week in the summer just to stay sharp on my Wing. Don't see many cops on this road. The ride is a short one just guessing about 12 miles. Riders should be alert in early morning and late evening rides as the deer population is high. You should ride it a few times before you push it to the limit.

Arkansas/Missouri, Road K. Both twisty and scenic, low traffic density, excellent road quality. There are a long line of highways accessible from Highway 71 and 412 between NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. One of the best is Highway K near Goodman, Missouri. It runs east, then south into Arkansas to Pea Ridge. It's recently been resurfaced but there are hardly any gas stations for an hour - hour 1/2 riding.

Eastern, State Hwy 19. Both scenic and twisty, Low density, Excellent road quality. This road bisects the Ozarks from Hannibal on the north to Thayer on the southern boundary. Good pavement, plenty of curves, especially south of Interstate 44, plenty of scenic vistas, etc. The road crosses several Ozark streams and many have free or pay campsites, canoeing, float trips, etc. if you want a break from the bike.

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