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Eastern, Boston coast north. Scenic, Medium density, Good quality. From Boston Rte 1a through Callahan tunnel. Keep on 1a through Lynn. I suggest a stop at Blg 19 in Lynn, amazing and locally famous store chain. Then on to Salem..alternate rte through Marblehead below. Pass the Salem diner on left then Salem College on right, left at lights. About a mile down Rte 1a turns right. Go right. About 2 blocks it turns left. Go straight instead. You'll go into a narrow 1-way street with 200-year old houses and will pass the House of 7 Gables on the right. Then there will be a sign for Salem Willows, don't go that way, turn LEFT to 1a. It will go by a great gray and BLUE church on the left, and re-join Rte 1a; turn right on 1a. About a mile down you'll cross a bridge, harbor on the right. There is a MacDonalds, "sorry, closed for construction". Turn left after the construction then right fork, Rte 127 exits right from 1a; follow 127 north. You'll pass through a lot of small N.E. towns on the way to Gloucester. A nice drive..If you want to see a real English Castle, turn right at the Magnolia sign. Go straight through town and 2-3 miles down a curvy road will be the Hammond Castle on the right. Outside is free, tour is a fee. Keep going about 3/4 mile back to 1a, turn right. In Gloucester you first pass the Gloucester Fisherman, the famous statue with the fisherman at the big wheel. Then you come into town, 127 curves up over a hill then down right and sharp left but go across to the parking lot and get out and shoot the fishing boats and harbor. Then back on 127 you'll pass boatyards and the BIG Grotons sign. 127 curves right and there should be signs for the Rocky Neck artist colony off 127. When you come back and follow 127 I like 127a better if you see those signs. Take either to Rockport. Find a place to park and walk around. In the harbor is the most photographed building in the world. The one, actually a copy of the original building, in the famous painting, Motif 1 with all the lobster buoys on the side. Then there is Bearskin Neck, shops, eats and quaint buildings next to the harbor too. You can follow 127 right around and it will come back to rte 128 in Gloucester which is an expressway to rejoin roads to Boston etc. Marblehead in Lynn: when 1a turns sharp left go around curve to right instead. At the circle go left and follow harbor around to the right. Follow 129 to Marblehead. When you get to the shops of Marblehead, keep a sharp eye for the small Harbormaster on the right. Turn right. Take last left on that street. Follow narrow street through 200 year old houses. At the stop sign a sharp right, almost a U turn, then a U turn left. Follow down into village where you can park near the harbor. Follow same road when you leave then follow BOSTON LYNN SALEM signs until you get to rte 114; follow 114 to Salem where it joins 1a at Salem State college.

Eastern, Boston coast south. Both scenic and twisty, Medium density, Good quality. South from Boston to Plymouth. Take rte 3a south through Quincy. If you missed the Blg 19 in Lynn there is another at the Harborlight Mall after you leave Quincy. Follow rte 3a south and in a few miles there will be a sharp right hand curve then a harbor on the left. Then a curve left at the lights then a rotary. Don't go right on 3a from the rotary but straight across the rotary. Up a hill through a set of lights then down the hill, turn right at the lights so you actually keep going straight before they put the lights in. Keep going straight through any intersections. You will come to the coast and the road toward the right will follow the coastline mostly. Eventually you will come to a harbor straight ahead where the road turns right. Then keep left around Kimballs so you follow the harbor on your left. You'll cross a small bridge and there is a place on the left you can park for a few minutes only while you shoot the racing water undeer the bridge, depending on the tide. Keep on that road and you'll come to a stop sign where you must turn left or right; turn left. At the next lights turn right. Watch for a boat-house on the left people live in a boat in dry land. At the next lights turn left to the water. Turn right and go straight until you come to the lighthouse. When you leave the lighthouse one way streets keep the harbor on your left. When you have to turn left-right stop lights turn left. About 100 feet on the left is the Scituate town pier. Park there and shoot the harbor and fishing boats and the shop "Quarterdeck" on pilings over the harbor. Go into the shop too.. nice lady owns it, and not expensive, and neat stuff there. Exit the pier left and follow the road straight, more or less, until you're back on 3a. Turn left (south). Follow into Marshfeild. It joins 139. Follow 139 E to Brant Rock, you'll see signs at Brant Rock. Turn right on 139 keep going E and it will rejoin 3a. Left on 3a (south) and it will zig zag toward Plymouth. You'll go through N. Plymouth then into Plymouth. At rte 44 turn left toward harbor and Plymouth Rock and Mayflower II. After Mayflower keep on straight, bear left at park until it rejoins 3a (no sign) turn left. Follow South to Plymouth Plantation. If you still have time keep on 3a south to the Cape Code Canal and go across the Sagamore bridge. Take the rde along the canal (6a) and cross back on the Bourne Bridge. You can follow Rte 28 north, or expressway back depending on how much time you have left! BTW....any descriptions that seem vague will be perfectly clear as you drive. enjoy...

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