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Northern, state road 10 south from Cincinatti. What a road! Extremely fast sweeping bends and a lot of sharp 90 degree bends. The road is paved so good that you can go to max lean and get your knee down without worrying about hitting a mid corner bump. Turns are plenty, fast rights then into tight left handers. MAP

Southeast, U.S. 421. Both twisty and scenic, low traffic density. good road condition. Picking up US 421 south from the Daniel Boone Parkway (toll road),  the road is good two-lane blacktop down through Hazard County and coal mining country all the way to Boone, North Carolina and the Blue Ridge Parkway. The scenery runs from pleasant mountain valleys to spectacular ridgetop views. Curves run from+gentle sweepers in the valleys to switchbacks where a trailer-pulling rider could easily check the brakelights on the trailer without the hassle of dismounting! At times, the road follows mountain streams through the valleys. Plenty of small towns and diners along the way. Traffic levels are low, but watch out for slow moving vehicles and the occasional loose cow. This road is best experienced at a relaxed pace and definitely worth the time. For the folks coming down to the Smokies, it's an excellent route to the Blue Ridge Parkway. If you have several days, go south on the Parkway from Boone, around the southwest tip of the Park on US 129 through Deal's Gap to Maryville where a great breakfast can be had at the 411 cafe.

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