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 Northern, SR52/2. Both twisty and scenic. Low traffic density, excellent road condition. SR52/SR2 between Chatsworth and Elijay. Nice mountain road, sweepers, tight turns, well maintained, a real blast. Around 25 miles long.

 Northern, GA 180. Twisty, low traffic density, excellent road condition. Runs from Suches, Ga (starts right at Two Wheels Only) to intersection with US19. One very twisty road with lots of elevation changes. This road is supposedly the twistiest in Georgia. Well maintained and a lot of fun.

 Northwest Georgia, western North Carolina US 129 through Georgia and North Carolina, Deals Gap (supposedly 300 turns in 11 miles), any road in the mountains. MAP

 Eastern, Highway 25 between Augusta, Ga and Savannah, Ga. Lots of turns and not much traffic on the weekends. It is about 170 miles. About four small towns along the way, so watch out for the speed zones. Not many troopers. MAP

 Northern, hwy 60. Twisty, low density, good quality. Out of Atlanta go north on US 19 to Dahlonega. On the other side of Dahlonega turn left onto Hwy 60 (watch the turn for cars, it is in a right turn). Follow through Suches, Past Two Wheels Only (TWO) campground (only motorcycles allowed), then turn right on to US 76 to Blairsville. This is right at the border of Tennessee, North Carolina, and Georgia. In Blairsville turn right onto US 19/129. This will take you back south towards Atlanta through Dells gap. Very twisty so look out. The best ride of my life. MAP

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