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Southwest, Hwy 92. Both scenic and twisty. Low traffic density, excellent road quality. Start at the junction of CO highway 133 92 at Hotchkiss, CO, then turn south on Hwy. 92. This is a twisty treat of a two laner that snakes its way down the backside of the Black Canyon of the Gunnision. There are 300ft. drop offs and some places have no safety rails. If you stop at the first rest stop you can look all the way down into the canyon. You end your ride at the intersection of Hwy. 50 and Hwy. 92. From there turn east to go into Gunnision, CO or west to Delta, CO From Delta, head south on the famous Million Dollar Highway (CO 550) over Red Mountain Pass down towards Durango. (*note: if you add CO 550 to the route, recommend making this a "2-day" journey as it's very twisty and beautiful ride down to Durango too but much longer!!) MAP

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