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British Columbia, Hwy 37, others. Both twisty and scenic. Low Density, Good quality. Coastal mountains, good pavement, seacoast, wilderness - everything you'd want in a ride. Oh yeah, LOTS of corners.

British Columbia, Road = Sea to Sky. Scenic, medium traffic density, satisfactory road quality. This is the road that connects The City of Vancouver with the growing resort city of Whistler. The road has many corners and the scenery is outstanding. Mountains on one side and the ocean on the other. You will pass some developed areas, old mines and golf courses. To get on it, stay on highway one west bound to Horseshoe bay. At Horseshoe bay watch for the signs and stay're on it. If you have the time, stay on the Sea to Sky through Whistler north to Pemberton. At Pemberton follow the signs east to Lilloet. At Lilloet turn south in the Fraser canyon to Hope and back to Vancouver. Allow 3 days for a relaxing trip. This will allow for stopping and the ooo's and aahh's.

Manitoba, West Hawk Lake to Elma on route 44. Both scenic and twisty. Medium traffic density, Satisfactory road condition. Low traffic density off tourist season.

Nova Scotia, Cape Breton Island, Cabot Trail. Once you get to Nova Scotia, just head north - you'll find it. It starts and ends near a town called Baddeck. You can either go clockwise or counter-clockwise around the trail. If you go counter-clockwise, there will be nothing between you and the ocean but a little stretch of shoreline. Most of the road follows the coast, with about 4 sections of 30 kph twisties, some with a cliff on one side and a drop off on the other, others with a cliff on one side, and a 2-300 ft drop to the ocean on the other! Bring your Depends! The whole route is about 130 km long (about 90 miles), but give yourself a whole day to ride it - there are many parts you'll want to go back and do again. Remember to come prepared for damp weather - during the middle of the summer it doesn't rain much, but in the spring, you can usually count on being dumped on once or twice during the ride.

Ontario, southeastern, County roads 10, 36, 12, etc. Both twisty and scenic. Low Density, Satisfactory quality. Historic Rideau Canal area of Ontario. Variety of country from rock cuts to gentle farmlands, lots of good taverns and stopping points. Start at Kingston, North to Westport, east to Merrickville area, meander east and north toward Ottawa.

Ontario, southern, McCowan, Progress and Consillium roads. Twisty, high density, good quality. This is a circuit a few of my friends and I have made up.. we named it "The Circuit". It starts on McCowan road north in front of the Scarborough Town Center. You then turn right at the first lights on to Consillium for a long decreasing right, crossing your fingers you get a green light at the bottom. If the light is green and you can lean your bike like you own it you should be in high third gear. Coming out of the corner give it all she's got and as you cross the intersection you can wheelie just like Agoes leap at the Isle of Mann..after that it's a fast right left flick and then hard breaking to make the right onto Progress Ave. Watch yourself coming out of this corner cause if your sliding or drifting it will be into traffic. Next it's an offcamber semi-fast right with walls on either side of you back onto McCowan...Have fun but be careful with this place...It has claimed many of my friends' bikes.....

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