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Pictures of My Bikes

My first bike was a '95 CB750. Good all-around bike, comfortable seating position, decent power for a first bike. Not a sportbike by any standards, but it handled decently and was a load of fun.

I then got the urge to try out the dirt, so I bought this '90 DR350S. I Ended up either breaking off or just taking off most of the street stuff and using it purely for the dirt. Suspension was a little soft for full-time off-roading, but it was still lots of fun after putting on full knobbies!

I then bought this really nice '96 YZF600R. It gave me a great introduction to sportbike power, acceleration, and handling. What a ride! Pretty light, good chassis, great brakes. Unfortunately, it was stolen after I'd owned it for about 9 months. Cops found the frame the next day, stripped of everything.

I took the insurance money from the 600 and bought this '94 FZR1000. I absolutely love the power and acceleration of a liter-bike! But compared to my 600, it definitely had more weight to throw around. That's really the only thing I don't like about this bike, but you get used to it. And there's a picture of me, too, in case you were wondering.

I'd always wanted to get back on the dirt, so the next bike I bought was this '97 XR400. Great bike, nice and light (for a four-stroke), good power, and a blast out here in the desert of California. (Also good for hooliganism, see second picture.)

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