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Northwest. Arkansas Hwy. 23. Both scenic and twisty, low traffic density (during Summer), good road condition. Excellent road to ride.  One of Automobile's 10 best roads in America.  The state has been working on the road recently, but when it's done, the surface of the most twisty part will be incredible!  Lightly travelled in the Summer, worse in the Fall as the leaves change color.  Makes for a pretty ride, but not a fast ride!  Be *very* careful at night due to deer and other wildlife.  The best part of the road begins at Brasheers.  Hwy 23 stays twisty until a few miles before Interstate 40.

Route 7. Both scenic and twisty. Low traffic density, excellent road quality. Many side roads east and west off of this absolutely beautiful and very lightly traveled road. Killer vistas and scenic turnouts. Pavement is absolutely pool table smooth. This is the place to take a big sport bike and let 'er eat! Don't go in the fall, too many motorhomes enjoying fall colors.

 Arkansas/Missouri, Road K. Both twisty and scenic, low traffic density, excellent road quality. There are a long line of highways accessible from Highway 71 and 412 between NW Arkansas and SW Missouri. One of the best is Highway K near Goodman, Missouri. It runs east, then south into Arkansas to Pea Ridge. It's recently been resurfaced but there are hardly any gas stations for an hour - hour 1/2 riding.

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