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Rob's 300ZX Page

1985 Normally Aspirated SOHC V6 (2960cc)

My Z Car Pics & Links

Rob & His 300zx
Left Front
Left Back
Interior Right
Interior Left
Interior Center
My Z Sounds Like This!!
Datsun Commercial (jingle)
It's the World of Z
Datsun/Nissan Resources!
David's 1985 300ZX Scanned Brochure (Great Page)
Steve's 1988 300ZX
Morgan's Z Board

Facts: The 1985 300ZX was mechanically the same as the 1984. Some of the noted changes were: The T-roof was made standard equipment and some new paint trim colors were added. The 2 seater listed for $17,199 & the 2+2 sold for $18,399. The turbo cost $19,699. 67,409 Z cars sold in that model year. Updated: 02/27/99

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