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Equipment On My Tank
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Filters That Run My Tank

I currently have one Fluval 203 Canister Filter doing the mechanical and chemical filtration. I also have a 4 foot protien skimmmer getting rid of all that nasty excess protien that lies around. I have just finished making a 10 gallon sump that will be placed underneith my aquarium. I will have a Rio 2100 pump moving the water in and out.


I currently am lighting my aquarium with on 175 5500k Metal Halide Bulb. I am also using two 30 watt actinic bulbs. All these lights are cooled by a 4-inch muffin fan and by a wind tunnel(coming soon to the DIY section) It is very important to cool these bulbs because they can easily overheat an aquarium if you are not careful.

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