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First off I feel that DIY(Do It Yourself) is a very important tool to have. Many companies today are charging people way to much money for industrial made equipment. As and example: recently I made a sump for about 45$ including a RIO 2100 pump. Now if I had bought the same equivilant sump, it would have costed me about $120 without the pump!!!!!! Also about a few months ago I made a four foot tall airstone powered skimmer. How much did it cost me? About $40 including a Aquaclear 210 powerhead. This skimmer is probably the only one I willl ever buy. So next time before you are about to fork over some money for some equipment ask yourself: "Could I be making this for less???"

DIY items on this page: [ Sump Plans] [ Kalkwasser Dripper Plans] [ Protien Skimmer Plans(By John Payter)] [ DIY Wavemaker plans(By Pez)] [ Bio Filter]

Sump Plans

Okay, many people have been asking me for a sump plan, so here it goes. I recently setup a sump with my dad for about 30 bucks. This was a big consideration because of my low budget. Here are the materials you will need. NOTE: this is for a 50 gallon tank

The Construction

I hope that I have made this clear to all of you out there. if you have any questions please contact Me

Kalkwasser Dripper

This Kalkwasser dripper cost you about 4.00$ if you do it correctly!!!!!!!!!

1. Take an old Minute Maid orange juice containers(The New REALLY big ones, Plastic) Cut off about 2 inches off the top.

2. Drill a hole into the bottom of the container so that it is possible a piece of airline tubing could fit through.

3. Then go out to you nearby hardware Store and get a bottle of Plumbers Goop. DO NOT skimp out on this one. Plumbers Goop is the only Glue that will be able to bond the airline tubing and the container together.

4. Stick the airline tubing into the hole that you drilled. Have the airline tubing reach about 1/8th of an inch inside the container.

5. Then using PLUMBERS GOOP bond the airline tubing and the container together. Note: this must be a water tight seal so glue it well!!!!!!

6. Let this dry for at least four hours, if not longer. Or until the Goop becomes hard!

7. After this has dried. Get a Plen Plax Gang Valve, not the new plastic ones!!!!!!!!! The metal ones. This will be used for controlling the drip of the Kalkwasser.

8. Attach the airline tubing to the inlet of the Gang Valve. Then close one of the valves and put as much airline tubing as you need to reach the tank or sump, on the other valve.

9. After this is done attach the container somewere above the tank or sump. Fill the container with Kalkwasser and put the end of the airline tubing above the water level.

10. Then just adjust the valve so you get a nice constant drip from the container.!!!!

11. Have Fun!!!!!!

The End Result
Bio Filter