In My Farie Form I Am Beauty...
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I Am Gay
"I Am" -a great poem-
I Cant Be Gay, Can I? By: Julia
Jen's Page
Oasis (This page is great)
Elight! (another good one)
Introducing Nessa hehe I cried:)
BBS list
Lesbian Art
Gina's column
Diva Cards
The Other Queer Page
Diva Women and Attitude
Womans Touch
Lesbian Life
Christian Lesbians ONLINE
Dykes 2 watch out for
L & G Coming Out
Dyke Jokes
G & L Yellow pages
Great Page for Teens
Coochies A funny e-zine [hehe] i am not sure if its serious or not but its funny:)

[Rainbow Icon Archive]

Here is a # incase of Emergency:
GLB Teen Suicide Hotline
P.O. Box 20716
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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