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I Am Gay.

As I stand in the mirror looking into my eyes
I know being gay really isn't any prize
But it is me and that I understand
Now I must be proud of who I am
As I reach for the door in my mind
The one from the closet, I know that it's time
I'm ready to tell all my friends
And hope that it doesn't bring friendships to an end
I'd tell my parents, but they'd only be broken
Wondering what they did to deserve this token
And I'm too young to be put out on the street
Who knows what fate I would then meet
They're love is unconditional, or so they say
But we both know, that rule doesn't apply if you're gay
But now that I'm for sure of what I want
I'm ready to admit I'm a lesbian and know I've won
Won the battle that has been going on within my head
Those little voices are finally dead
So I reach for the handle, and slowly it turns
And I pray to God this doesn't mean my soul burns
I was born the way I am, so it isn't my fault
And that won't change by keeping the truth locked in a vault
Because then it would just eat away at my soul
Everything's okay, cause I found the one who makes me whole
She is a girl, I don't deny the facts
But being with her makes feel relaxed
I know I'll be judged, I'll know I'll receive hate
But that's not my problem, they're the ones with the disease
The hating disease the one that plagues man
That can only be taken away by God's forgiving hand
I am who I am, and no one can change me
I will always be gay for all eternity
Accept me or not, makes no difference here
Because I know God's love won't disappear
And my girl, Khalilah, is my soulmate
She's the only one I want to date
People who aren't my friend once they know the truth
Were never really my friend, soI'v got nothing to lose
I am gay, this I declare
And hating me won't get you anywhere

I dunno who this poem is by someone e-mailed it to me.