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March 2000

[ 3/3/00 ]

Hiya! I have not written in a while. I have been super busy with school. I decided to add some papers I have written for school. If you disagree with one of my opinions please od not take offense. It is just my opinion. I have added some new photos to my main page at:

Things I have written (for school):

A Relationship

I think this is a bit hard for me to write about. I do not think I am old enough to have been in a serious relationship. I have been in a few relationships though. One was with a woman named Suzi. I picked her, because she lived with me for about two months. We met at my school. I went to a small baptist school and she was Pre-K teacher. We did not do many activities together. Mostly we sat at home, watched movies, and talked. Sometimes we would go to dinner together. She was the one who usually decided where to go. Why? I truely do not know.

Creative Writing

Many, many years ago, there was a monster that lived in a small cave outside our village. It was about three feet tall, lavender hue scares, has a long tail, and is obnoxiously mischievous. Well, this is what I have heard. Every night he sneaks into our village and plays tricks on us. One night, the monster stole everyone's pants and hid them in the lake. These tricks had annoyed our people for hundreds of years. We tried almost everything to stop the monster. The only problem was we could never catch him

One day, the kind decided to have a lottery to pick who would try to stop the monster. Would you believe they picked me? Well, they did! I was horrified! Only things I knew about this thing were rumors that I had heard my whole life. And those rumors were not always good. I stayed up late one night and saw the monster run into my neighbors house. I quietly snuck behind it. I fond the monster was hidden in my neighbors clothes hamper. I tried everything to lift the lid and get him out. But, no matter what I did he would not come out. So, I gave up for the night and walked away.

Gulf Sands Hotel

My favorite place in the world is Gulf Sands Hotel on Casey Key Beach, Florida. My family and I used to go every summer. During the day we swam, snorkeled, fished, and relaxed. We would see sharks, fish , and seagulls. For lunch we made sandwiches and ate on the beach. It would get so hot that we could not walk on the sand with bare feet. Then at night, since it was a private beach and we knew the owners, we partied! Everyone would get together and buy tons of food. We would BBQ corn on the cob, ribs, hamburgers, and hotdogs. Then a few of the guys, including my dad, would get their instruments and start to play. They would play Led Zepplin and other rock and roll music. At night the sand felt so cool and comfortable. When it got real late and the party died down, we would go on the beach and relax some more.

Finding Your True Love

Some people have tried almost everything to find their true love. People can choose from personal ads, single bars, and blind dates. Now you are able to meet people through the Internet and have a wider selection. You are able to easily find people with your same intrests. There are personal ads and chat rooms on the World Wide Wed. Personal ads and chats on the web are free and easier to use than putting a peronal ad in the paper. Many people claim to have found their soul mates through the Internet. there have even been people who have met off the Internet and eventually married. However, a lot of people are afraid of the Internet and do not think it is safe to meet people. It is true there are many unsafe people on the Internet, but there are certain precaustions to take before meeting someone. A good thing to do is talk on the phone before meeting and to meet in a public place. I think that it is great that the Internet opens mroe doors for us to meet more people.


Being a student is a very important part of my life. I spend the majority of my time on school. I do not have a job, because I am a full time student. I do babysit though. I am working towards getting an A.A. in Liberal Arts. i want to attend the University of Tampa after I graduate from Hillsborough Community College. I am on a Pell Grant for school. My parents are happy I attend college, and they are also proud of my grades. After college, I either want to be a psychologist or psychiatrist. I think being a student is one of the most important things I will ever be. It will help my future a great deal.

My Beagle and I

I think my characteristics are most similar to my dog. I have a three year old beagle named Buster. My parents always say my dog and I act alike. Maybe it is because we are around each other all the time. One way we are similar is our sleeping position. Buster sleeps in my bed. We both sleep with a blanket over us and a pillow over our head. Another thing is my dog is very smart. I think I am sort of smart myself. Ever since we got Buster he seemed intelligent. The firstnight we had him he was able to get out of a very tall box we had put him in. Also, my beagle is loved very much by the people around him. I believe I am loved by the people around me, too.


When I am asked what my goals are numerous ideas travel through my Mind. Having a goal is very valuable to have in ones life. Setting goals help set priorities and achieve an objective. When you set a goal it is easier to Make a plan to reach them. You can have a short-term goal, a continuous goal, or a long term goal. Each kind of goal has certain steps you need to take to reach them. Some only take a few minutes and others take years to accomplish, but when you do it feels fantastic. The most important factor in achieving a goal is wanting to carry it out.

At the moment, the most important goal to me is to remain on the Dean's List. I have this goal for various reasons. I want to be able to say I tried my best, I want my family to be proud of me, and I want to be proud of myself. Also, I am on a Pell Grant, which requires me to keep good grades. This goal is a continuous one. There are not many steps in accomplishing this goal, but they are hard ones. I have to study when I need to and I can't be lazy about it. I have to make sure all my assignments are in on time. I have found it is easier to make sure this is done if it is done early. Also, I have to do allot of listening in class. Last term, when I made the Dean's List, it felt amazing and remembering that feeling gives me will power to do it again.

A short term goal of mine is to get my drivers license. This is a goal for me because my dad pressures me allot to get one. The last few years, I have not had any motivation to get one. I was afraid to drive. In my mind, it seemed to be the leading cause of death. I am also teased, by my brother, because I am eighteen and can not drive. Now many ideas float through my mind. I think it is horrible having to find a ride everywhere and wondering if I have a ride home. Besides, I do not like depending on other people to take me places. These ideas have given me the desire to get my license. I think when I finally reach this goal I will feel great and more independent.

I want to finish Hillsborough Community College (HCC) and attend the University of Tampa (UT). This is one of my long term goals. This goal has many steps to complete before it is accomplished. I have already taken some steps to accomplishing this goal. Staying on the Dean's List really helps me follow through with this goal. The first step I took was calling the University of Tampa and asking for information. They sent me an information, a catalog, and an application. University of Tampa sent me information on psychology. Which is what I want to major in. This helped me allot to realize what I need to do to achieve this goal. Before I attend UT, I need to keep up a good Grade Point Average (G.P.A.) and get an Associate in Arts Degree in Liberal arts. When I get to the University of Tampa I will have a whole new set of goals. I hope I have as much will power then as I do now to continue my education. I think I will feel incredible when I accomplish this goal. It even feels great going through the steps.

It is not hard to think of a goal or why we should have them. I think having a goal helps you stay healthy, keeps our minds working, and helps us be organized. It helps people to keep going. Also, achieving goals bring a lot of happiness in life. In some cases, even accomplishing the steps can make you feel fantastic. Setting goals help us organize our lives and keeps us looking forward to the future.

My Dream Trip

One of my favorite pastimes is to think about where I would go if I could go anywhere. If I could go anywhere in the world it would have to be New York or Europe. My whole life I have wanted to travel to so many places. I hope sometime in my life I will be able to. Traveling would be one of the most important and memorable things I would do in my life.

One reason I would to go to New York is to visit my friends Pamela and Pam. Pamela lives in Long Island and Pam lives in Schenectady. When I am in New York I would go everywhere with my best friend Pamela. She does not like doing lots of things, but I would drag her along. I could travel by bus so that I would be able to see other places. On my way their I would visit Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina,Virginia, Maryland, and Pennsylvania. I would visit every tourist attraction between Florida and New York. I would love to go anytime of year, but most of all Winter. I have only seen snow once, but I loved it. I would stay in New York as long as I possibly could. Going to see a Broadway show would be one of the first things I would do. Also, I would visit many sites. The Statue of Liberty, the skyscrapers, and museums are a few of the things I would go see. I would like to spend tons of time in Central Park. Also, there are many other people I would visit while in New York. I would bring my camera and takes pictures of everything.

Europe is another place I would love to visit. There are thousands of things I would love to do and see. Some of the places I would visit are Belgium, Rome, Paris, Italy, Ireland, and Germany. Spring is the time of year I would want to visit Europe. Since legal drinking age is 18 in most places in Europe I would be able to do wine tasting. I have heard of wine tasting caves in certain parts of Europe. I would love to see an opera and visit every museum I could. One museum I would want to visit is the Louvre, which is an art museum. Seeing the Eiffel Tower and Leaning Tower of Pisa would be wonderful. There is a boulevard named Champs De Ellyses on the way to the Eiffel Tower. I would visit Rhine River in Germany, the Coliseum in Rome, Stone Hedge, Big Ben (a large clock) in London, and Arc De Triumph in France. I would even see some scary sites like Dracula's Castle in Romania. Also, one of the best things to do would taste all the different kinds of foods. I know I would love is Belgium chocolate. I know if I traveled to Europe I would use up one-hundred rolls of film.

Flea Markets: Something for Everyone

I observed the Floriland flea market Sunday afternoon. The Floriland flea market is inside a building and has many booths. The booths had anything and everything someone would need. There were many people at the flea market. All of them seemed to be in their own world and trying to get the best deal they can. Some of them acted like they did not even see the people around them. I got bumped into many times. From what I observed, I believe there are two types of people that go to flea markets. One type is there to save money and the other is there just to pass the time.

There are a hundred different booths at the flea market. Many of them are dollar stores, but there are also specialty booths. There are ones that specialize in magic, clothes, antiques, tools, weapons, jewelry, and toys. The ones I found to be the busiest were the magic, shoes, and weapon booths. I think the reason the weapon and magic booths are so popular is because the flea market is a convenient place to explore any interests someone has in the subjects. In the magic booths, someone can find beginner books or information sheets on the meaning of candles, what witchcraft is, and anything else someone would want to know. The weapon booths have everything from knives to guns. I saw mostly men and couples in these booths. I do not know exactly why so many people went into these booths. But maybe it is because people feel a need for protection. In the Floriland flea market, there is an antique section. There did not seem to be many people there, but it was one of my favorite parts. I think there are not many younger people today interested in antiques.

Another place in the flea market that was full of people was the food court. The food was cheap, but not all of it looked very tasty. They had everything from chicken nuggets to chilli dogs. My cousin bought a chilli dog. I thought it reeked, but he seemed to enjoy it very much. Unlike a mall, people were walking around the flea market eating and drinking. The day I was there a magic show was being performed. It seemed like every child in the flea market was sitting as close as they could in amazement. Even the parents seemed to be semi-interested. During the magic show they had popular techno songs blasting loud. Everyone who passed by did a little dance.

As I mentioned before, everyone seemed to be in their own world. The booth owners seemed very interested in selling and informing their customers. It seemed every time I passed this certain stone booth, the owner was explaining to someone different about the stones and their meanings. I found this similar to almost every booth. There was a tool booth that was run by a very old man and he went to great lengths to help his customer. My cousin had asked the man if he had a certain tool. Even though it was a small tool the old man searched his stack until he found it. In a herb and book booth, it also seemed every time I passed the owner would to be informing someone new about his specialty. So, maybe a flea market is not only where we go to buy things, but we go to learn things.

Pro-life vs. Pro-choice

I have many opinions on abortion. My belief is that it is not my decision on what someone should do with their life. It is up to that person on what to do. I have no place to tell someone what to do with their life, because I could not understand their situation. I think it is wrong for religious groups to tell their believers not to have abortion. I do not think it should be used as a birth control, but their are occasions that it may be needed. There have been issues of women with cancer and women who get raped that get pregnant. What should these women do?

Adoption is another choice we have. I think adoption is not always the best substitution. For example, Marilyn Monroe’s mother was mentally ill. Marilyn was put into many foster homes. She was sexually, physically, and emotionally abused. Most of her life she was miserable and she ended up killing herself. Many children today get shuffled around foster homes. They end up being problem children or over coming their experiences. But, what are the statistics? I am not saying all foster homes are abusive, but some of them are. My idea is that there are such a need for foster homes, because of so many children that need a place to live. Not all children get adopted right away. Some children never get adopted at all.

I believe the best thing for everyone is birth control. This is the year 2000 and we can not stop people from having sex. At least people can do it responsibly with birth control. In the 1990’s, teen pregnancy reached an all time high. Out of twenty girls I went to junior high school with sixteen of them have children. I think this statistic is horrible. Last year, a friend of mine had just turned seventeen and found out she was pregnant. When I went to her baby shower, there were ten teen girls and only two of us did not have kids. I think, these girls may of not of got pregnant if their parents had talked to them more about sex or if they used birth control. Birth control is not 100% effective, but it does help some.


Diets have been tried by millions of people. One type of diet is the famous fad diet. Everyone has tried a fad diet or known a few people who have. The diet and weight loss industry is a confusing one. All diets promote to help the consumer to become slimmer and thinner. We all have an opinion on diets. How do they effect how we think about ourselves? Are they good for our health? Does it embarrassed us to be on them? What do our friends and family think about it? The most popular fad diet right now is “The Atkin’s Diet”. This diet helps people lose weight, but not the right kind. The only weight people lose while on this and other carbohydrate diet’s is water weight. Another problem with fad diets is the fact most people end up gaining back their weight plus more pounds. Some people are embarrassed to tell people they are dieting and others like to brag about it.

When someone start a diet they should ask friends and family their opinions. Maybe, they have heard something about it you have not. Find out their opinions on it. You may not need to diet. First thing you should do before you diet is find out if you are emotionally ready for one. I think too many people are ashamed of their weight and will do anything to lose it. I believe this is caused by television, magazines, and movies. These things portray that thin is how everyone should be. But, is thin healthy? This may cause someone problems, such as malnutrition. If someone is looking into a diet they should first research the good and bad things about it. Also, think of the psychological effects it has. Will this diet make you feel ashamed or bring down your self esteem?

To buy diet products you must be 18 years old. But, some how children still get diet pills. In the past, people have found coaches or parents giving athletic kids diet pills and steroids. What is this teaching our future generation? We look at magazine covers and see thin, unhealthy looking women. I once read in a teen magazine a letter to the editor. A fifteen year old girl wrote in about how the magazine was publishing articles about eating disorders. The girl then wrote about how the magazine had photos only of girls size ten and under. She said that this was the problem causing so many young girls to have eating disorders. This letter really touched me. I think this fifteen year old was right. I had always want to write to a teen magazine about this. When girls are young they look up to someone and want to be and look like that person. Now, I look at teen magazines and not all of them have thin girls in the magazines. Instead of talking about clothes that are size 0-10, the magazines also talk about bigger sizes. Remember the majority of teenage girls are not thin.

The right kind of diet is a controlled one. Eating the right foods. Eating certain foods effect the mood someone is in. If someone is hungry they may be in a bad mood. Most of the time, if someone is in a bad mood it puts everyone around them in a bad mood. If people eat the foods they need it helps their mind and body stay healthy.

Homosexuals and God

This is a topic I have very strong opinions about. There are many things I could say about it. Many religions do not believe in homosexuality and even hate homosexuals. I do not understand how they believe in a god that loves everyone, but hates homosexuals. How can they have a such a loving god, but have so much hate in them? There are churches now that are for homosexuals. I think this idea is great, because homosexuals who are lost or need guidance need help, too. Do religions think that because someone is gay, they have no need to believe in a higher power?

In some support groups, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA) and Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), knowing there is a god/higher power helps people keep going. It tells the addict there is something to live for. If a person is homosexual does that mean that they should not keep going? Should gays stop and give up on life, because some people believe god does not love them? I discussed this topic with a group of people who attend N.A. meetings. Everyone had different opinions. Some of them said “Why wouldn’t god love homosexuals? They are people, too.”. Someone said “In Narcotics Anonymous, we have no opinion on outside issues being gay or lesbian. It has no relevance and that are primary purpose is to stay clean”. I think that is the best statement I heard. Others said it is none of their business on what peoples sexual preference is. Only one or two people said there is no place for homosexuals.

I had a personal experience with homosexuality and god. I attended a Baptist school during ninth and tenth grade. There was a rule that no homosexuals could attend the school. In the middle of tenth grade I told my best friend I was gay. He had a big mouth and told the pastors daughter. By the end of the week, everyone knew, even the teachers. At the end of the school year, I was asked to leave the school. My teacher kindly called my parents and suggested that I get a General Equivalency Diploma (G.E.D.). I think this was wrong for the school to do. It was a small school and there was tons of gossip. When ever I talked to a girl people would snicker and say I liked her. This made me feel like an outcast. But, I am glad that I went through what happened. I think it made me stronger and gave me a chance to start college early and I love college. In my opinion, the main reason people are against homosexuals is because it is different and they do not know how to deal with it.

Environment or Hereditary

I have tons of interest in the issue of what makes people who they are. Is it their environment or is it inherited? I think what makes us who we are involves 80% environment and 20% hereditary. I do not think people are born a certain way. For an example, I do not think people are born with manners or personality. I do think after a fetus develops to a certain point it is able to hear. This may play a role in building their personality. I do not think a baby is born heterosexual or homosexual. How can a baby be born knowing about sex? They are taught about sex; just like they are taught about other things in life. I believe everything around us, everything we hear, everything we do, and everything that is done to us builds who we are. Down to the most simple thing. I agree with some of Sigmund Freud's theories on how personality is built.

Freud said human behavior is based on unconscious instincts or drives. He said people go through certain stages and that decides on our personality. These stages are Oral stage, Anal stage, Phallic stage, and Genital stage. The Oral stage, first stage (birth to 18 months), is the infant’s erotic feelings center on the mouth, lips, and tongue. This is how infants learn about things. They put everything they can find in their mouth. Freud believed if a child is given to much oral gratification it may cause them to be overly optimistic and dependant on other people as an adult. If an infant does not get enough oral gratification they may become pessimistic and frustrated when they become an adult. The Anal stage, second stage (18 months to 3 1/2 years), is a child’s erotic feelings center on the anus and on elimination. This is the stage where a child goes through toilet training. He thought if this is stressed on to much the child would grow up to be obstinate and excessively orderly. Phallic stage, third stage (age 3), is where a child goes through erotic feelings centered on the genitals. Every child goes through a person where they discover themselves and get curious about their body. At this stage the child becomes attached to the parent of the opposite sex and becomes jealous of the parent of the same sex. At the end of the Phallic stage a Latency period occurs. This is a period where the child appears to have no interest in the other sex. The Genital stage, the last stage, is a psychosexual stage and occurs at puberty. Freud believed that if any of these stages are stressed or interrupted it could cause a fault a persons personality. I work with children and I see them do things that may show they are going through these stages. I do not know if Freud's theory is completely true, but I believe them.