June '99
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June 5-30 '99

[ 6/5/99 ] ZzZzz... Boo!!!! hiya all! Today was my first day of college!!!:) I met 3 people... It as fun:) Art hehe dragged on a little. The teacher is not bad though! It is just I think her voice is monotone. Then my psychology teacher seems real nice and energetic. We get to take our exams home and d them at home with our book! :) I like it a lot my best friend is real proud of me.... and so are my grandma & parents. Next weekend we get to go too 2 museums. Yay! I am a little nervous about these reports coz I am not used to writing them. We get to do 3 art activities in Art Appreciation. I am looking forward to the photography one! Oh... In college. I am not sure it is like this at all! colleges [heh] BUT! your allowed to just leave the class whenever you want to go do whatever. I am very not used to this so I am going to have to get used to it. Well, I will finish tomorrow its after 12 & I gotta sn00ze!!! buh bye all!

[ 6/8/99 ]
Hiya:) It is Tuesday... What a sn0re. I have tons of homework to do this week before Saturday. We got our mid-term exam for Psych class. It doesn't seem to hard so far:) I haven't written in the last few days, because I have been so busy. Yesterday I worked alot on my mid-tem exam and some other things. We have an art term paper thing we gotta do... We gotta pic 3 pictures with the same subject like & then compare them. I think I am going to do it on 3 paintings of couples one a male/female couple, one male/male couple, and one female/female couple. Then say how they are alike then compare what the artist is trying to say:) I guess heh haven't found any paintings yet:) I am so tired I haven't slept much:( It stinks [heh] Didn't even sleep in today.

I got into the group I wanted to in psychology class:) Abnormal Behavior. I think thats like the thing in psychology I am most interested in. We have to do a group presentation toward the end of our class. We have to stand infront of the class!! I am shy I don't like doing that:) We have to include the class and stuff... My group wants to do a charades game and act out different disorders and things:) Since I have been in college I have been trying to work on not being so shy & being alittle more social. It has worked some:) I have met a few people one woman I have been sitting with at lunch [she is in my art appreciation class] and a girl who has been sitting next to me in my psychology class. She seems real nice I think she is maybe 19 or 20. I will write again in a bit maybe I am ZzZzz...

[ 6/10/99 ]
Hiya! I haven't written in the past few days because my phone line is broken and I can't stay connected and it just laggs me... won't even let me load a page! I got my current event and my mid-term exam done.... I haven't started my art term paper yet because I cannot get on the net. I got a few pages of research for my psychology research paper, but not enough. They are both due in a week & a day!!!!!!!! I am really really like nervous (upset) about it. I feel like I'm gonna freak out. I am just scared I will not finish it and it is so important. I picked the topics for my essays in art. "What is your definition of art?" and "Why has the nude been such an important subject in the history of art?" I think what I am gonna do is read some things on the web about them so I can get a better idea of how to answer them:) I am enjoying college alot:) It is alot of work though and I am scared that I will not get these reports done. The art one is 1300 words and the psychology one is 1700 words!!! and I only have about a week... Bleh!

Here is a poem I wrote a few days ago. It isn't great I just wrote it down real quick.

Is God Listening? [5/31/99]

If there is a God
Would he make me feel this pain?
If he's on his great, big thrown
Would he let us suffer like we do?

I'm not sure if your here,
But if you are
I want to tell you something.
Are you listening?

Why do you let children get hurt?
Why do you let us fight?
Why do you leave us this way?
And when will you end this life?

I got hung up in watching the Howie Mandell Show... The cast of Just Shoot Me was on. Just Shoot Me is my favorite sitcom. David Spade is my favorite comedian. He is real funny... His mother was on the show. It was funny!:) w0w this stinks! [hehe] I tried to connect to iRC I was lagged 10 minutes!!! Stink-a-roos.

Right now I'm listening to Garth Brookes If Tomorrow Never Comes I love the lyrics... makes me think about this girl I like. Here are the lyrics: "Sometimes late at night I lay awake watch her sleeping... and the thought crosses my mind if I never wake up in the morning. Would she ever doubt the way I feel about her in my heart. If tomorrow never comes will she know how much I love her..." Beautiful eh? This girl I know I tell her I love her everyday. I love her so much and I hope she knows how much. She is great! I would do anything for her:) No she's not my girlfriends:~( [hehe] That's okay though... as long as she knows how I feel about her. I'll wait till she's ready.

Anyways! Short paragraphs today:) A woman at my school she was telling me she was thinking about getting her 14 year old daughter one of the Chicken Soup for the Teenage Soul books. I love these books I pick them up and can not put them down. I told her she should. I think that every teenager should read them. They teach you alot about kindness and life in general. Like... They talk about how kids make fun of people and the book talks about how the person who is being made of feels. When I was younger I got made fun of alot. I got to where I hated school and I would always pretend I was sick. In one story in the book this girl talks about this girl she used to make fun of and she saw her years later in a therapy group. Then another one got stuck doing a assignment with a girl they would make fun of and no one liked... The girl went to the "geek" girls house and her mother made cookies and things and the "geek" girl was really happy someone was coming to her house. While there the girl l got a phone call from one of the other popular girls and made fun. The "geek" girls mother knew what was up and when the girl got off the phone. The "geek" girls mother said to the girl... I dunno why you girls don't like "geek" girl she likes you all very much and she went on about all these things. The girl ended up becoming friends with the "geek" girl. The book has some great stories. Maybe someday I will type out one of my favorite stories in the book:) I have book 1, 2, and the journal:) I don't use the journal really, because when I got it I didn't have any friends and it does talk about friends in it alot. I always read the whole chicken soup book except the friendship section and if I am up to it when I am done I will read the relationship (friendship) part. It is really hard reading about people who have great friends when you don't really have any in real life. I read some of the stories in the book and cry over them. It is a very touching book:)

Travel... Where if I could go anywhere in the world where would I go. If I had the one I loved with I would wanna go to....
[hehe] I will talk about that later or tomarrow:) Gonna go look up some stuff and then ZzZzz...

[ 6/21/99 ]
< 1:30a.m. > I wrote a whole thing, but lost it!! hehe I will type it tomarow!! I will add that I met someone at school. She is really cool (a friend). I went out tonight with her from 10:30-12:30. We went to Barnes & Noble for hot choc., drove around Ybor, and then sat at a park on the bay. I enjoyed it so much. I will explain tomarrow its late and I am tired!

Hiya! It is 12:30 now:) Last night I went out as i said:) I wanted to tell of some things I like ( I thought of this because we went to a park) I like parks alot:) ones on the water I liek at night, woods I like during the day:), theature (cant spell:), and tons of other things!!:) I took some test in psychology test (personality and stuff) and figured I would share my results with you and what they mean:) So, here they are:
INFG: Suceeded by perseverance, origality and desire to do whatever is needed or wanted. Put their best efforts into their work. Wuitly forceful conscientious, concerned for others. Respected for their firm principles. Likely to be honored and followed for their clear convitions as to how best to serve the common good. Live their outer lives more with feeling, inner more with intuition.
Introvert: Like quiet for concentration. Tend to be careful with details, dislike sweeping statements. Have trouble remembering names and faces. Tend not to mind working on one project for along time uninterruptedly. Are intrested in the idea behind thier job. Sidlike telephone intrusions and interruptions. Like to think alot before they act, sometimes without acting. Work contentedly alone. Have some problems communicating.
Feeling Type: Tend to be very aware of other people and their feelings. Enjoy pleasing people, even in unimportant things. Like harmony. Efficiency may be badly disturbed by office feuds. Often let decisions be influenced by their own or other people's personal likes and wishes. Need occasional praise. Dislike teeling people unpleasent things. Relate well to most people. Tend to be sympathic.
Intuitive Type: Like solving new problems. Dislike doing the same thing over and over again. Enjoy learning a new skill more than using it. Work in bursts of energy powered by enthusiasm, with slack periods in between. Put two and two together quickly. Are patient with complicated situations. Are impatient with routine details. Follow their inspirations, good or bad. Often get their facts a bit wrong. Dislike taking time for precision.
Judging Type: Best when they can plan their work and follow a plan. Like to get things settled and wrapped up. May decide things to quickly. May dislike to interrupt the project they are on for a more urgent one. May not notice new things that need to be done.What only the essentials needed to get on with it. Tend to be satisfied once they reach a judgment on a thing, situation, or person
Right Brained: -descriptive, concrete -recognizing and remembering faces -emotional responses (strong) -producing humorous thoughts/ideas -processing information subjectively and in patterns -emphasize second person when writing -playful problem solving -problem solving through intuition -demonstrational instructions/information -remembering through images/pictures -reading for main ideas/overviews -fantasy, poetry, myths -learning through exploration -summerizing rather than outlining -open ended assignments -sensitive -prefers an overview of a chapter, book, or story before recieving the big picture

I dunno if this intrested you at all :) [hehe] but maybe now you will feel like you knwo me a little more?:) I am gonna go for a bit I may write later if I have time.

[ 6/22/99 ]
ZzZzz... I am bored out of my mind! So, I came to the conclusion to write for my page:) I should be doing my work, but I am Zzzy because I am so bored and don't feel like it:) Yawn3r... I got two books from a friend of mine from iRC!!:) Bridge Jones's Diary and The Ultimate Marilyn (Marilyn Monroe:) I like them alot! She sent them to me for getting my diploma:) I can't wait to read them! But I have to get my school work done first=oP~ !

[ 6/23/99 ]
Not much is up today... I gotta get my studying done. YAWN!!!:) I'm tired today; didn't sleep good last night. I got nothing to do tonite... another boring night on iRC [hehe like you dunno what I'm talking about] I'm listening to Jewel :) Yet Again! Chang of tune... now I am listening to Marilyn Manson [hehe]. I like a wide varity of music:) I wrote in my journal last night... wrote 2 pages!! hehehe almost all about one thing. Zzzz:) I started to spell cheak this page last nite:) Was taking me forever! That is how many errors there are &)~! "...I focus on the pain the only thing thats real..." Thats what I am listening to. I love the lyrics to this song ("Hurt" ~NIN). I am so bored out of my mind hehe maybe thats why I have been writing here? just kidding:) Well nite!!

[ 6/28/99 ]
Yawn3er! I am so tired friday night I got 2 hours of sleep! I got a 98% in my psych class!!; I dunno what I got in my art class yet (Probably bad hehe). I really wanna go out tonight, but don't have anyone to go out with and no where to go. What a Sn0re! I wanna go to sleep, but I told someone I would be ehre at 11 and I know if I do sleep then I woke wake up in 30 minutes=o) I really wanna snuggle with someone tonight... I am so bored and some other things. I got a new journal in real life:) It is really cool!! I wrote like 2 pages about this person I met in real life [hehe]. Not like I am in love or nothing... sheesh what are you people thinking?!? I just met her=o) She is real nice and so cool. Thats it [hehe]. Friday night I got 2 hours of sleep... I ended up having to drive with my mom to Ybor city to pick up a friend. Her car got towed. It sucked so bad, because I had to wake up at 6 a.m. the next morning!! Anyways... I barrowed this lesbian book from my friend it seems pretty cool so far. It's about these two women who are married. I will talk more about it after I read it:) I am also gonna read a book a friend off the internet sent me [that I wanted badly:)] called "Bridget Jones's Diary" it is by Helen Fieldings. It is a fictional diary written by a woman from London. I like to read alot:) maybe I will go read right now! sn0re! =o) If I do I will read the lesbian one I barrowed from my friend. I wish that friend would log on I am bored as fuck. I wish it would hurry up and be 11 p.m. too [hehe]. Probably next week or sometime I am going to start working out at the YMCA again; so, that I can lose some weight, because I am fat=oP! Well, I think I am going to go read a book or something=o) Will write laterz:)