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August '98

[ 8/13/98 ]
Wow.. It's been a long time huh? I am finally writing on my page again :) IT IS ALMOST MY BIRTHDAY!!!:) August 21st :) yay, yay, and yay. I am still fabulously single. hehe This girl told me the other day, to talk to some girl coz she is a lesbian. Since i am a lesbian & she is a lesbian we have so much in common. hehe Don't you agree. I just do not understand some people. I start work on Monday. I am going to work in a day care from 3-6pm at my grandmas church.I been a lil stressed out lately aboutwhat i have no idea. For my bday my friend Suzi is spose to come and then Mary is coming. Its not really going to be a party just a family dinner wif two of my friends. I am going to be 17 next friday :) exciting isn't it? Just think in only one more year i will be 18!!!!!!=o) WELL! I can not think of anything else :) So let me get on with...
My list:
School:I am not going back this year. I am so overly happy:) My teacher suggested to my mom I get my GED and then go to college. That is what I am going to do:)
Friends: I dunno.. I haven't been hanging out with anyone lately. My cousin once a week since he has been home. Suzi when she forces me and I have seen a movie or two with my sis-in-law.
Family: *yaWN* boring per usual.