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Welcome to Rat City. This page is a tribute to the Todd McFarlane phenomenom known as SPAWN. This page includes Spawn Pics, Comic Info, Price Guide, Chat Room,and much more. This page also features Spawn's arch nemisis, the Violator aka Clown. Basically anything that has to do with spawn will either be on or be linked to this site. This page will be updated biweekly. Enjoy.

Me and my infinite wisdom have developed a special award. An award givin weekly to Spawn related sites and/or other cool comic sites. The award is called " Fuzzy's Cool Comic Site Award ". It will be givin out every Sunday evening to the site I deem worthy. This weeks winner is Jake.com's Spawn Shrine. If you want to try to win this prestiges award, click here.

* Be here for Spawn Chat every weeknight at 9:00 PM/ET in the chat room located on this page. Be there!!!

check out hot new pictures of Angela in the Spawn Pics section below!!!

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