The Rainbow
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The Rainbow

The rainbow is my whirl of art/Reaching for it tears me apart.
The color of time engraved in the sky/Passing my mind by and by.
I see it shine through the air/It is only you that can magically care.
It seems to me the wings of love/Loving and caring, a snow white dove.
Through the time I've become embraced/Following the pattern the rainbow has traced.
It stands in the sky alone in the world/The branded symbol of the colored curl.
After the rain, the rainbow shows/What is its secret--only He knows.
Dawn breaks through and the rainbow shines/Crossing the sky in colorful lines.
The day is filled with happiness and joy/The rainbow is seen by every girl and boy.
So remember this poem with every rainbow you see/And be happy for everyone, as happy as can be.
Copyright 1989
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