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Shun Of Amnesty

angelsí graves are sacred/because of apathy
walking dead upon the earth/only some can see
words turn into wisdom/upon a yellowed page
wisdom claims the heart/of an ancient, golden sage
joy can replace rapture/onto a molten fear
charm can understand/a second facing year
mummies are a symbol/of an uneventful wait
organs cleansed in boldness/to enter into fate
hands believe of sound/before a twinkling eye
smell the fear possessed/smelled before you die
books of magic kill the heart/like an evil sword
butterflies long await/the silent, spoken cord
sweet elixirs fill the mouth/with tastes from far beyond
the pressing pencil seeks for lead/to which it has grown fond
windows open from the soul/shut by biased blinds
peering through the musted gauze/in hopes of treasured finds
stolen wind from off the shelf/replaced by broken bones
eaten by the inside monster/digested by our moans
justified by higher power/packaged in an art
pieced hanging on a claw/that tore the mind apart