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12/19/17 Playlist The Ramoana Christmas Experience is next - glammy Christmas and more!

12/12/17 Playlist AMan Selects David Bowie albums - including the one that started it all, for his birthday on Friday December 15th.

12/5/17 Playlist David Bowie 1978 Earl's Court - fabulous learm matrix remaster. Also treats from the Aladdin Sane album.

11/28/17 Playlist David Bowie w/Adrian Belew - 1990 Rome - mostly sbd, Iggy & Bowie - including full Dinah Shore appearance, and more!

11/21/17 Playlist David Bowie - Space Oddity 48th Anniversary Celebrations, chicks do Bowie- some of my fave female Bowie covers & Thanksgiving madness! Note: - due to disconnecting stream problems first hour skips may apply!

11/14/17 Playlist David Bowie - the rest of 1983 Dallas Rehearsals, a bit for Transformer album 45th Anniversary and more Bowie we need to hear again!

11/7/17 Playlist David Bowie 1983 Dallas Rehearsals Selection, Richochet, cool Bowie mixes (some new!) and more!

10/31/17 Playlist Wicked 🦇David Bowie🦇 & more on The Ramoana Halloween Experience

10/24/17 Playlist David Bowie St Paul MN 18.10.1997, Wicked & Eerie leading us to The Ramoana Halloween Experience next week!

10/17/17 Playlist David Bowie Frankfurt 18.10.2003 *newly remastered by learm for The Ramoana Birthday Experience! RaM treats.

10/10/17 Playlist David Bowie- more for Outside 25th Anniversary - Outside Rehearsals, outtakes & more!

10/3/17 Playlist David Bowie ANCIANT treats - All of Lodger Tony Visconti Mix, some Recall3, RCA Promo & more extras, also Outside Anniversary and nod to Tom Petty.

9/26/17 Playlist David Bowie The Making of Heroes/77-79 Era in celebration of ANCIANT release (9/29/2017)

9/19/17 Playlist David Bowie in the Isolar Tour Era - 1977 Interview, Boston 1978, ANCIANT.

9/12/17 Playlist CLASSIC Ramoana Experience from last year (10/04/2016) - David Bowie Early On on The GreatBlackStar Experience! (due to Hurricane Irma)

9/5/17 Playlist David Bowie Mixed & Mashed - 2 new Bowie mixes, more BowieNet Reality Mashup Contest entries, and other.

8/29/17 Playlist David Bowie Dublin Reality both nights, also new-to-us BowieNet Reality Mashup Contest entries.

8/22/17 Playlist David Bowie Eclipse & Other Worldly Playlist! Inspired by the US Solar Eclipse on 21 8 2017.

8/15/17 Playlist David Bowie Holmdel 31 7 2002/Area2, Heathen extras, Moby & more!

8/8/17 Playlist David Bowie Roseland 16 6 2000 - super show, surprising set list, also more LAW treats and a couple from Toy!

8/1/17 Playlist David Bowie in 1998 - interview, art, Howard Stern birthday show, and BowieNet. Treats from LAW, listener requests too!

7/25/17 Playlist dreamy David Bowie in the hours era - 1999 Vienna, more hours treats!

7/18/17 Playlist Gaby Selects! super David Bowie (for her birthday 7/13) and LiveAid 1985 to commemorate 32 year anniversary!

7/11/17 Playlist David Bowie - He Was The Jazz! and Listener Requests

7/4/17 Playlist David Bowie - Werchter Festival 1997, Salute to Debbie Harry with new and old faves, Independence Day.

6/27/17 Playlist David Bowie - Copenhagen 1990, 1990 interview, various Bowie mixes.

6/20/17 Playlist David Bowie - Various Summer Fun, Tin Machine gems.

6/13/17 Playlist David Bowie - 1987 Time for the Glass Spider in Sydney, and more Sydney gems, blasts from the past.

6/6/17 Playlist David Bowie - 1983 Frankfurt Remaster from learm & Listener Requests!

5/30/17 Playlist Salute to Mick Ronson, David Bowie & Ronno Listener Requests gives us some real gems and surprises!

5/23/17 Playlist David Bowie - Phoenix Festival 1996 & catching up with Listener Requests from last time, also Bowie covers!

5/16/17 Playlist David Bowie - Essen 1978 & Listener Requests!

5/9/17 Playlist David Bowie - Bonn 2002, new mixes, covers.

5/2/17 Playlist David Bowie - Tampa 1974 - the stripped down show! (newly remastered), and Adrian Selects/Adrian's Deranged! for his birthday (5/6).

4/25/17 Playlist David Bowie - More Cover Series, Pinups Radio, BOWPROMO, GBS Birthday,

4/18/17 Playlist David Bowie 1976 - Rotterdam/LA/Zurich, Aladdin Sane album 44th Anniversary and 2 more from the Bowie Cover Series.

4/11/17 Playlist David Bowie *New Spectrum Arena, Philly 1974 Remastered for this show! Also The Bowie Cover Series re-emerges - Original song, then David Bowie's Cover presented by DJ Angel.

4/4/17 Playlist David Bowie Cleveland 1972 & all sorts of Bowie/oddities/eerie, also Jessica Lee Morgan.

3/28/17 Playlist BowieFanGirl SELECTS David Bowie for her birthday (3/28) - all sorts of wonderful Bowie, also 1974 LA Remastered.

3/21/17 Playlist David Bowie 1971 Specials - BOWPROMO, BBC 1971 John Peel Show, Life on Mars 2017, Aylesbury 1971 - World Debut of Hunky Dory album.

3/15/17 Playlist David Bowie Is Japan - Japan interview bits, 1996 Tokyo show (with Hotei), Japanese related Bowie songs, Move On backwards.

3/7/17 Playlist David Bowie - Early B-sides, David Bowie on Air 2002 - Italy TV Rai/Jonathan Ross radio program and more! Also - In celebration of Jessica Lang back on TV (Feud), 3 Elsa Mars from AHS Freak Show.

2/28/17 Playlist David Bowie - new to us Tin Machine NY 1991, 2 Leon Suites, and more!

2/21/17 Playlist David Bowie - new to us Austin 1983 show in entirety, selections from Do Unto Others Bowie compilation, also discussing Reeves Gabrel's recent article on radio.com.

2/14/17 Playlist The Ramoana Valentine Experience with David Bowie 5 Grammy wins, early Bowie love songs and more! New from Clifford Slapper with Ian Shaw (Bowie Songs Project)

2/7/17 Playlist Lopy Selects (birthday 2/10)- David Bowie including w/NIN 1995, quirky Bowie and more! Gail Ann Dorsey w/Donny McCaslin perform Lazarus at The Cutting Room 2/5/17.

1/31/17 Playlist Large selection of Celebrating David Bowie LA from 1/25/2017, new Mark & Lard 1999 show for Melanie's Birthday, new David Cantello mix - Goyte ftg. David Bowie, Bowie Special mix.

1/24/17 Playlist more Bliss - David Bowie - GQ Awards 1997, new-to-us mixes, more from Bowie in Berlin Symphony from October 2016.

1/17/17 Playlist Celebrating David Bowie ~ CDB NYC, Ava Cherry Bowie Tribute from 8th January 2017, new mixes and covers from David Cantello, Ian Donaldson and updates on Kristeen Young, Daphne Guinness, Lisa Ronson. Also part of the Bowie in Berlin Symphony from October 2016.

1/10/17 Playlist CLASSIC Ramoana Experience from 10th January 2016 - The Rise of ★David Bowie★ - Continuing The Fantastic Voyage - more BOWIE SELECTS, Blackstar album, and Peggy Selects for her birthday!

1/3/17 Playlist DAVID BOWIE Birthday Tribute - Special Birthday messages, songs from our fan and artist contributors on the two Bowie Birthday Bashes in 2012, his 65th Birthday, which Bowie requested copies of both bashes and heard! Also new inspirations and a way to move forward.

12/27/16 Playlist The Ramoana New Year Experience ~ lots more David Bowie Ostende 2002, Bowie collaborations, new covers (Shearwater covers Lodger), and more to ring out the old/ring in the New Year. Also a bit of a send off for George Michael.

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