CONGRATULATIONS to the winner of this FAB calendar, JOHNB67!

December 15th 1999 - The contest is finalized and the winner has been drawn - JohnB67's entry was drawn out of 12 correct entries. There was a total of 58 entries, with 12 correct entries. I have emailed JohnB67 for his mailing address, and the Bowie 2000 Calendar will be posted to him tomorrow (12/16/99). Should JohnB67 fail to contact me, I will redraw from the winning entries and I would have to do that upon my return from Christmas holidays (week of 27th December).

The correct pictures are now next to the contest pictures (on the right of each contest picture), where my head was superimposed. Please see below for the correct answers and the original pictures. You can click on any of the pictures for a larger view.

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1. It's not RaMOANa standing in a doorway with the man who fell to earth, imagine another legend, its: JOHN LENNON
(the clue was "imagine")

2. It's not RaMOANa sharing a stage once again with the duke, it's an original sinner, it's: ANNIE LENNOX
(the clue was "original sinner")

3. It's not RaMOANa posing on this thin white duke shoot, it's another queen bitch, it's: QUEEN LATIFAH
(the clue was "queen" and "bitch" as in female)

4. It's not RaMOANa crooning especially with Bowie, it's: BING CROSBY
(the clue was "crooning" but to me, the ears were a dead giveaway!)

Thanks to all that entered and a special LOL to the one that said #2 was Mike Tyson! For some more entertainment, check out the latest "movie" (cheaptoon) I am in with Bowie, created by Starluck by going to her cheaptoon page and clicking on Bowielocks and The Three Bears:-

and my interview Behind the Scenes:-

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