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Page first conceived in 1997 last updated! July 2005!

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Welcome To My Home
This is my home
(Race Bannon)
Please feel free to make it yours for now.
Enjoy your stay and if you see fit please leave a little of your joy behind by posting to my guest book or forum before you go.

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I will do the same for you if you prompt me to.

Trip to Race's Place
Race Bannon's Cozmic Trip Palace

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Hello my hippie brothers and sisters

Well My, My, My.
So good to see you here!
If you will please feel free to surf around on the various pages of this site.
You never can tell what will be around the next turn, but isn't life like that anyways?
If you have a statement, a poem, a feeling of freedom, or anything else for that matter, please post it to my Guest Book or Forum.
This page is dedicated to you , the reader.
And there is no greater compliment you can leave me than to post to it in the things mentioned above.
It makes you all contributing authors!
If you want me too, I will even post follow-ups to your statements.
But enough of that...

On With The SHOW!

Welcome to Race Bannon's Cozmic Trip Palace

Well kids this is this hippie's first real stab at all this cyber stuff, so bear with me, and PLEASE place you seats and trays in there fully upright position, and buckle up, it's going to be a long strange trip...

rob circa 1978... hippie Hippie Pilot (circa 1978)

I know...not the best picture. Well I ain't got the prettiest face to begin with!
To email Race Bannon, Hippie Trip Pilot..
email rob the Young at heart hippie

Adam moving his things... big baby Friends

I have a great picture of a friend of mine , but where the hell did I put it?? and uploadin' it OY VEY!
OH YEA! There it is, and he was afraid that I would post a picture that wasn't flattering...
Just wait until he hears how many hits I get!


If you have a picture of someone you would like to see as a baby, "e" it to me I will "e" it back.

my favorite hippiesHippie Pictures

Here is a picture of two of the coolest hippies, I know, Jay and Eric,

Rumor:#2 Jay is from a planet in the Alpha Centuri Quadrant and Eric is his pet Sasquach. Also rumored; Every April 20th (420)they get lit with Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix and Elvis

multiplying hippies, right after this picture was taken there were 12 hippiesAnd here is one more of the hippies, 'cause lets face it, you just can't have too many hippies.

 just cause I like green guy. DOuglas Adams is dead...Long live Douglas Adams!!! More about me!

I been here and I been there
But I never been a better place than right here.
I am a member of no religion and all religions
I have seen miracles and I have seen disaster
I have seen the best and worst in men
I have never met a man I didn't like or a word I could not misspell
I am the barrel rider
I left Pern only to land in Kryn
I have had Crowley to dinner only to wake and have breakfast with Sai Babba
AND if you know what I mean we may have more in common than most... Om Sai Ram


I honor the god within you... PEACE

R. Bannon

Hey, thanks for making it this far. It can be hard to keep the attention of anyone in this day and age for more than about 2 seconds.

This is the part of the page where I get to talk about some of my ideas and some of my beliefs.

(Well I will spare you on the beliefs thing 'cause I feel if it is good for you, it ain't wrong.)

So on with the idea thing, I need your help for this one.

Send me a picture of you. And I will post it on a page
In the Hippie Pics section.
This way we can get to see some of the other "peace lovin'" people on the web. I know not everybody that reads this page thinks they particularly look like a hippie, well I don't care. If you like what this page has to say, put your face on it.

I promise (unless your my friend Adam), I will not give you buggy cartoon eyes, or attach you head to the picture of my 2 year old niece, unless you want me to. HEY! we could have a whole category for people with altered pics. But I digress, add yourself to this page to make the content even more interesting.

Also, and this one is real important, well as important as something like this can be. If you have a web page, regardless of how good you think it is, submit it to one of the webrings at the bottom of this page. also, look at my links pages, to get a link to your site on mine. You feed me I'll feed you, just like under the red and white tent at the first Woodstock.

PS. As an added benefit, here are a few of these (sic)(sic)(sic)(sic)(sic)(sic), please put then after any errors you see in spelling/typing on this page. and if you have any left over you can take them with you and use then on your own page, or the next one you visit. Trust me you will need then if it is one of my pages you go to


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then there is

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A brand new technology

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Read about a good cause..
Mesothelioma Information.


Get info on Hot Tubs

To Where The Potatoe Babies Roam
The UNOFFICIAL Potatoe Babies Web Page

Traditional Wooden Hot Tubs (nothing more "hippie like" than that!)

You're Still Here?!?
Well aren't you just the sick-to-it type!
Did you know you are a one in 100?
Yep, that is all the percentage that get all the way to the bottom.

Sometime in the future I will put something down here to reward you for sticking it out.
But in the mean time, go to another page of this site and enjoy
Statistically speaking you were already going to,,, I know.

try the Digital Camera thing, or The coolest thing I have ever seen, as it is described in the clicks (the site map or whatever you want to call it)
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