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Quilt Labels & BumperStickers


The best kind of sleep
From Heaven above
Is under a quilt
Handmade with Love
Each stitch was placed with love
And each knot tied with a prayer
That our Heavenly Father will continue
To keep you in His care.
Families are like quilts:
Poem removed at request of Renee Baker.
Life is like a quilt.
It will always be to a large extent,
what we ourselves make of it.

It's Your Quilt

It's OK if you sit on your quilt.
It's OK if your bottle gets spilt.
If you swallow some air
And you burp, don't despair;
It's OK if you spit on your quilt.

There are scraps old and new on your quilt,
Put together for you on your quilt,
If your gums feel numb
'Cause your teeth haven't come,
It's OK if you chew on your quilt.

We expect you to lie on your quilt.
If you hurt, you may cry on your quilt.
On a cold, rainy night,
Don't you fret; you're all right;
You'll be snug, warm and dry on your quilt.

---Nancy Riddell
published: Quilters Newsletter Magazine ,
Jan/Feb 1996 issue

Just for You
This quilt is made of cloth and thread
To place upon your little bed.
It's not an heirloom just to keep,
But to lie upon as you count sheep.

Or,perhaps the floor's the perfect place
For a Doll and Teddy picnic place.
This quilt can be anything you can dream
From Superman's cape to the robe of a queen.

Pretend it's a raft adrift at sea,
Or just cuddle up when you watch TV.
So use it up and wear it out.
I promise I won't yell or pout.

Just tell me when its days are through,
And I'll make another one just for you.

Quilter's Poem

Love is a quilt--a quilt is love....
Both love and a quilt should be:
Soft enough to comfort you,
Bright enough to cheer you,
Generous enough to enfold you,
Light enough to let you move freely,
Strong enough to withstand adversity,
Durable enough to last a lifetime,
And given gladly, from the heart.

  • From my heart to you
  • Quilts make you feel surrounded with love.
  • Quilters are the piecemakers
  • Always quilt from your heart
  • When life falls to pieces, make quilts
  • That which cometh from the heart will go to the heart.
  • Quilts are fabric memories.
  • Quilts keep hearts warm.
  • Quilters unite around world piece
  • Enjoy life in bits 'n pieces
  • Quilting & Friends - Stitching Lives
  • Stitched by my hands with little pieces from my heart.

Labels and bumper stickers submitted by Pat, Laura and Marleen.

Authors are acknowledged, if known.

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