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A Horsepower Calculator from Quarter Mile Performance

Written for the VetteNet

by Mike "Doc" Cobine - Procrastination Racing
Program Last Updated December 18, 1996 / Page Updated 6/4/98
Copyright © 1996-2002 VetteNet and all authors as listed.

This calculator requires a JavaScript compatible browser.

Fill in your values by double clicking on "number". Then click on when finished.

Top End Speed (the traps) Weight of Your Car as Run (with you in it)

The horsepower is hp.

If you are interested, this program and more are on a disk called "PERFORM -- The Performance Calculator". It is available cheap, $5 plus postage. Or you can mail $4 and a diskette with return envelope and postage. PC versions only, no Mac available.

Or you can steal this for free and try to figure out the other programs. For those worried this is a commercial item, don't. At $5, this is cheaper than most "free" shareware programs.

DOWNLOAD FREE for a short time only Download Perform for DOS

A Windows version is almost ready. A Beta version is available for download as a demo.

Download Perform for Windows

Original Java Script by Stegath Coachcraft and modified to accept original DTS Software Programming. Diskette contains software ONLY by DTS Software.

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The Serious Stuff

Copyright © 1996-2002 VetteNet and all authors as listed. Use of this material is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America.

In plain, simple language, don't copy any of this. Someone owns it!

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I have received several notes about this page. The Java scripts do run, however, there is magic in how they run. I know that I have not had the luck of getting them to run at home, but from the library and from work I have had no problems. Also, I have received notes from several who have been very successful, also. If you have a problem, check your browser. I found Microsoft Internet Explorer, a nice piece of free software from almost every net provider, does not support Java in Version 2.0 so if you have Explorer, install Netscape 3.0 instead.