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Welcome to Procrastination Racing's Home Page
Updated 9/22/03

Procrastination Racing Procrastination Racing was an SCCA road racing team with a 1966 Corvette. It is not vintage racing, even though the car is old. We have campaigned the Vette since 1988 and have won the SARRC Championship in 1993 and 1994. We were based in Deerfield Beach, FL although my recent move to Orlando makes that difficult. An early description of the car is on the VetteNet Home Page under the Modifications section. With luck, I will have an updated Description of #77 soon. Inspite of the small size of this Home Page, I managed to upload pictures. Just click on the links below.

SARRC Race at Roebling Road, Sept. 1994

CFR Regional Race, Club Turn 6, Sebring, Feb. 1994

More Pictures

The team is:

  • Driver - Driver Resume
  • Sponsor - Classic Fence, Delray Beach, FL 407-451-5834, 407-499-0278
Sponsorship Naturally we are looking for sponsorship. If your business would be interested, I can forward a complete sponsorship package to you. No sponsorship is too small. Using the lessons we have learned by running ASR and small cubic inch small blocks, we are confident in building a 5.0 liter engine competitive to run in the IMSA World Sports Car class. Our goal is to build a chassis and car and compete in the two IMSA endurance races here in Florida - The 24 Hours of Daytona and the 12 Hours of Sebring. Of course, this takes money. If you have an interest in our plans, we'd be happy to discuss the plans in more detail.

SCCA and Racing Information Currently, I have a lot of material on Richard Welty's North American Motorsports Page, formerly the Unofficial SCCA Home Page in the section on race tracks. Richard started the first really informative page of any size that was dedicated to SCCA and racing, as opposed to the personal fanfare pages. Before the bids came out for producing an Official SCCA Page, Richard's was one most looked to for SCCA information. Since he lost the bid, the page has turned to other racing and is maintaining the professional look and feel most are used to.

There is also a new Official SCCA Page now, at There are still several pages that are under development, but the site is rapidly growing and improving.

The VetteNet I also have a lot of information on the VetteNet Home Page. More is on the way as it will have its next update in January, hopefully. As the information comes up, I will install the links here.

VetteNet is both an email list for Corvette enthusiasts and a Home Page. If you have a Corvette, you should consider getting on the list simply for the invaluable information that is there. It is NOT a chat line and there are not a bunch of 12 year olds, but knowledgable Corvette people.

While here, check out A Guide To Buying Older Corvettes.

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Trailering Your Corvette

The Corvette Race Car Survey

My Page of Car Links This is my page of links to other pages. Since it seems to be a fad to have a large list, which often appear to duplicate every list out there, I'll do my best to uphold the tradition.

My Favorite Sites

VetteNet Home Page
Doc's Route 66 Page
Doc's Home Page

Updates and What's New

What's New is that nothing is new.  The team hasn't raced in 9 years and I haven't raced in 6 years.  Lack of money, lack of help, and lack of cooperation has brought everything to a standstill.  If you have funds and sponsorship, we can pull the team back together and go again, but until that happens, this is more of a memorial to a team who tried and went broke.

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