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OLD MACDONALD- You will need to have pictures of animals for this activity. Teach the children the song "Old MacDonald" using the sounds associated with the animals mentioned in the song. Present pictures of the animals and ask the children to describe them, tell what they look like, what they do, etc.

CORN COB PAINTING- Dried corn cobs are good to use for painting pictures. Let children use them as brushes.

MAKE BUTTER- You need baby food jars. The ingredients are whipping cream and salt. Shake the cream in the jar. As it thickens, add a small amount of salt. When finished, let the children sample their butter on craackers.

Cow Milking

Materials needed
2 child-sized chairs
Broomstick or heavy dowel
Yarn or rope
Powdered milk
Rubber glove
Heavy rubber bands
Paper cow head and tail
Farmer's hat
Small stool
Small bucket
Yellow and brown tissue paper

What to do
1. Position two chairs facing one another.
2. Place broomstick or dowel between chairs. The broomstick or dowel should be at child's eye level when ~he child is seated. Secure stick with yarn or rope.
3. To make chairs look like a cow, make a cow face and tail out of construction paper. Fasten them to opposite chairbacks.
4. Fill the rubber glove with powdered milk solution. Do not fill to the top; allow room to close the top of the glove (secure tightly with heavy rubber bands).
5. Attach glove to center of stick with heavy rubber bands soit has some bounce.
6. Carefully put SMALL pinholes in fingers of glove. NOTE: This step may be delayed until the lesson is ready for presentation.
7. Place yellow and brown tissue strips on the floor to simulate barn floor. More than one cow may be needed, based on class size.
8. Tell children it's early morning and it's time to milk the cow.
9. Put on the straw hat, pick up the stool and bucket, and say the farmer needs the bucket to catch the milk and the stool to sit on. Go into the "barn" area to the "cow." Sit on the stool, placing the bucket beneath the "udders." GENTLY squeeze a squirt of "milk" into the bucket.
10. Have children take turns playing the farmer.

MUDDY PIGS- Cut large pig shapes out of pink butcher paper. Give each child a pig shape with a small amount of brown fingerpaint in the center of it. Let the children cover their pig shapes with the brown fingerpaint "mud."

PINK PIG-SICLES-Mix together 2 cups plain yogurt, one 12 ounce can unsweetened frozen apple-cranberry juice concentrate and two teaspoons vanilla. Pour mixture into small paper cups and insert small plastic spoons for handles. Chill in the freezer until set, then serve as treats for snacktime. Makes 8 to 10 servings.

SENSORY TABLE- Coffeee grounds make great dirt for tractors to plow. Add cornmeal for an interesting combination. Put hay in the table and let the children snip with scissors.

SNACKS- Have biscuits and gravy.

Make haystacks with chowmein noodles, peanut butter and butterscotch chips.


Five little mice ran out to the farm,
Out to the farm one day.
One little mouse heard a bow-wow-wow!
And she scampered away!

Four little mice ran out to the farm,
Out to thte farm one day.
One little mouse heard a mew-mew-mew!
And she scampered away!

Three little mice ran out to the farm,
Out to the farm one day.
One little mouse heard a quack-quack-quack!
And he scampered away!

Two little mice ran out to the farm,
Out to the farm one day.
One little mouse heard a baa-baa-baa!
And he scampered away!

One little mouse ran out to the farm
Out to the farm one day,
That little mouse heard a cock-a-doodle-doo! And scampered away!

No little mice are out on the farm,
Out on the farm today.
Let's bring them all back.
And we hope that the mice will stay!


Five little farmers woke up in the sun,
For it was early morning and chores must be done.
The first little farmer went to milk the cow,
The second little farmer thought he'd better plow,
The third little farmer fed the hungry hens,
The fourth little farmer mended broken pens,
The fifth little farmer took his vegetables to town,
Baskets filled with cabbage, and sweet potatoes brown,
When the work was finished and the western sky was red,
Five little farmers tumbled into bed!


(Sung To:Frere Jacques)

Are you listening, are you listening
To the cow, to the cow?
Hear the cow calling,
Hear the cow calling.
Moo, moo, moo; moo, moo, moo,

Use other farm animals also like pig, horse, hen, duck, and rabbit.