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Welcome to the Chow Chow info page

This page is to help answer questions for soon to be and new Chow owners

Family pet,Obedience or Show dog Chows are just wonderful!

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Commonly asked questions and wise tails about this wonderful breed Chow Chow

Q=Are Chows good with kids?

A=Most chows are very good with kids and very protective of the children in thier own family.The important thing is to get a chow from a good breeder who has screened for temperment problems in thier line and socialize your chow from the time you get it.Some type of basic training class is highly with any breed small children should always be attended when with the dog as they tend to be very rough.

Q=Can you teach a chow obedience?

A=Yes chows do well in obedience if started young and with a trainer who knows how to train the breed.Every breed as is every dog in that breed is diffrent in thier own way.Trainers who think theres only 1 way to train a dog are not going to do well training a chow.Chows don't respond well to harsh training methods they are a very indepenent breed and when force methods are used will tend to not want to do anything asked of them.Finding what your chow likes whether it be food or a toy and using praise reward training will give you a great trained dog.

Q=What inherited diseases are Chows prone to?

A=Chows are most prone to Hip Dysplasia,sliping hocks, and not as frequently but still prevelant Elbow dysplasia,knee problems,entropianwhich is where the eye lid rolls in causing the lashes to hit the eye,Flea bite dermititiscaused by an allergic reaction to the flea slaiva.These are the most common problems seen in a health aspect.There are other less frequent problems which occur such as Demedectic mangewhich is caused by a mite on dogs with an immune system problem,PRA,Cataractswhich are other eye problems.For more information on genetic problems in dogs check out The Institute for Genetic Disease in Dogs.

Q=Do Chows shed?

A=Yes Chows shed all year but lose thier under coat with excessive shedding twice a year at fall and spring.Daily brushing will help keep shedding to a minumum and help keep your Chows coat in better condition.

Q=Are black Chows meaner than other Chows?

A=No.All Chows need socializing and a basic obedience course is highly recommended.The color of the dog has nothing to do with the temperment rather the breeding behind the dog and the amount of socializing given to the dog from puppyhood.

Q=Are Chows one person dogs?

A=Chows do become very attached to thier families but are usally not just attached to one member but the whole family unless only one person in the family pays attention to the dog then it would tend to be more toward that person who cares for it and loves it.

Q=Will Chows turn on thier owners?

Unless the Chow has been abused by the owner or is from very poor puppy mill type breedings they do NOT turn on thier owners.The Chow is one of the most stable dogs of any breed as far as temperment.If your Chow is sweet and loving at 1 year he should be that way his whole life just as if he's shown signs of aggression problems he will be aggressive his whole life.

Q=Are Chows born with black tongues?
A=No the pigment on their tongue comes in a couple weeks after birth.At birth their tongues are pink like other puppies

We hope these Q & A have helped you.Please contact us if you have any questions we didn't answer on this page and we will help you as best we can.
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