Scrapbook Project
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Scrapbook Project


My name is Vanessa, and my 3 best friends: (Amber, Kristen, and Brittany) and me are headin' down to the December 30th 'N SYNC concert here in Dallas. And we're putting together a little 'N SYNC scrapbook/notebook thing from y'all to them. It's totally from you guys ~ THE FANS! And let's just say we're meeting them, and they are DEFINANTLY getting this book, so don't worry. It'll be in their hands - YOUR NOTES!!!! Now, this is your chance to show your LOVE for the guys! And let 'em know how much you appreciate their music and talent.


Please include on a separate sheet of paper your e-mail address (if you want to participate)...we will randomly pick one e-mail address to receive our "extra" autograph!! Yup, just for writing your fav guys telling them what they mean to you, you can get a free AUTOGRAPH!! So be creative, and remember that you can write as many letters as you want! The more you write, the bigger chance you have of them responding!!! So have fun and STAY 'N SYNC!!!


  1. Sit down at home, and let your imagination run its course. Make a note, card, poem, whatever, to the 5 FAV guys or to your individual FAV guy (we'll separate them all into categories in the BIG NOTEBOOK)
  2. Since we are already expecting a TON of letters, we can't have you e-mail them all to us, with us ALREADY printing pix, bio's, & newsletters - we would need new ink everyday :-P!!! So instead we're gonna have you mail them to us, UNLESS they are simple with little color & NO pix or graphics. In that case, you may go ahead and e-mail them to Brittany Lovelady at and put the subject as CONCERT BOOK
  3. If you're making a GENERAL letter, for all 5 guys please mail it to me~
  4. Vanessa Franci 3416 Emerald Cove Dr. Flower Mound, TX 75022

    If you're making an individual one for JUSTIN or LANCE please mail it to~

    Kristen Collins 3005 Woodtrail Flower Mound, TX 75022

    If your making an individual one for JOEY or JC please mail them to

    Amber DeLaCruz 6422 Frontier Dr. Flower Mound, TX 75022

    And if you're making an individual one for CHRIS please mail them to~

    Brittany Lovelady 6504 Oakview Dr. Flower Mound, TX 75022


    YOU ARE NOT LIMITED to how many letters you can make. We want ALL the guys to have a BUNCH of individual ones.

  5. When you make these...BE CREATIVE!!!! And the guys love to hear about their fans. Tell 'em about you and what you like & send in a picture too. They LOVE to get pix of their fans. Who knows your pic may go on a bulletin board or something with other fans pix. It's worth a shot!!!

5.) Another advantage of mailing these into us is, you can decorate them anyway you want: with glitter, picture collages, poems...etc. Get CREATIVE & make it COLORFUL.

REMEMBER: It's more personalized this way (a BIG plus!!!)

  1. Do this... Why? Because thousands, if not millions of letters get sent to these talented hotties, and how do you know that yours is making it to them??? This way, you know that your letter will be in their SWEATY PALMS! That they will be touching YOUR LETTER :)
  2. This is GOOD b/c you have a much better chance of them responding, if you give out your address, e-mail address, or phone number. Who knows when they may drop you a line? :-P
  3. If you have questions that you've just gotta ask, or you've been DYING to know the answers to, go for it. Maybe it'll gives you a better chance of them responding?

Well that’s all folks! E-mail this to ALL the 'N SYNC fans that you know and start writing your letters. THANX a BUNCH!!! (If you have any questions about the scrapbook please feel free to e-mail one of the subject please put: "Question about your 'N SYNC Scrapbook" <--duh!)

K…that's all. HAVE FUN!!

"Be 'N SYNC y'alls" ~ Amber DeLaCruz (

"I'm gettin' jiggy baby" ~ Vanessa Francis ( &

"Betta Bounce" ~ Kristen Collins (

"Later dayz and God Bless" ~ Brittany Lovelady (