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Disney Zoog Chat


Netgirl: Justin, I heard you singing when you were three and you were
so-o-o cute!!!

Justin: Thank you very much!

Syncgirl: How long have you been singing for?

JC: We've ALWAYS sung.

Justin: We've been singing together for three years now. I think we all started
as young children from having a love of music.

Gigigi: Who picks the cool clothes you wear?

JC: We have people come in and bring us different clothes and choose out
different outfits that are cool and go well together.

Zoogchick: Who were your musical influences?

Lance: Everyone has their own influences. Personally I like Garth Brooks.

JC: Sting and Brian McKnight and Stevie Wonder.

Justin: Stevie Wonder, Brian McKnight.

Joey: Busta Rhymes, 50s doo wop music, Frankie Lymon and the Teenagers, and
Boyz II Men.

Chris: Pat Benetar-LOL! Tom Jones. LOL!

Bigzoog: Did you ever think that you'd be loved by so many?

JC: It's not something we think about all the time, but it's comforting

Justin: It's not something you really conceive.

Chris: Did you see the moon?

Zooggoddess: What would you be doing if you weren't singing?

Joey: I'd be singing or dancing or acting someplace else. I'd also tap dance.

I love 'N Sync! And I'm listening to your Christmas album
right now!

Lance: Thank you, we worked really hard on that album.

Peechee: How did you get involved with the JTT movie Home For Xmas?

JC: It was actually really fast. The day after we recorded the songs our A&R
person sent it to Disney to see if they'd like it. They liked it immediately
and decided to use it for the movie.

"Under My Tree" which is a track from the album will be on the
soundtrack too.

Iluvzoogdisney: Do you sing in the shower?

JC: Yes.

Lance: Yes.

Joey: Yes, but you would never want to hear it.

Lance: I can hear Joey in his shower down the hall at the hotel.

Justin: Yes.

Chris: I don't shower.

Tommo: Who would you pay money to do a duet with?

Lance: Celine Dion.

JC: Janet Jackson.

Joey: Jerry Rice, I don't know, there's too many.

Chris: A Tribe Called Quest.

Justin: Lauryn Hill.

Nsync1: Did you guys know each other before joining the group?

Joey: I've known JC ever since I moved to Florida.

JC: We've all been friends for a long time.

Michael98: What's your favorite type of Pizza?

Lance: I like Pepperoni. Plain pepperoni and cheese

Justin: BBQ pizza

Lance: That one too.

Joey: I like it all.

Imazoog: Do you like Zoog and what's your favorite zoog?

Justin: I love Zoog and my favorite Zoog is Zoogdiggity.

Joey: I like Joe, the little green guy that talks a lot.

Chris: MZ!

Hanana: How did you guys pick different members of the group?

JC: It wasn't a selection process, but Chris started the group.

Joezoog: What are your favorite hobbies?

JC: Sleeping.

Joey: Going to movies or the clubs.


Justin: Basketball.

Chris: I like spinning records.

Zoogoverlord: My friend Jenna wants to know if any of you have girlfriends?

Lance: We don't have any official girlfriends but we all date.

I got my eye on a couple hundred thousand, but I haven't made my mind
up yet.

Happyzoog: Justin, will you marry me?

Justin: Please send a picture. I'm kidding, I'm not getting married until I'm
old enough to get married. I have to be old enough to vote first.

JC: I'm single!

Timb: Hey, do you get scared when you see your pictures hanging in stores and

Joey: It's pretty weird when you see posters of yourself.

Viola: Do you ever get tired of being idols?

Justin: We understand that people look up to us, but we don't look at ourselves
as idols. I think our image is…we don't have anything to worry about.

Nsyncerator: Do your friends treat you any differently now that you're famous?

They want tickets to concerts!

Belle555: Who gets the most fan mail?

Lance: N SYNC as a whole gets the most mail. It's usually addressed to the

Maryk1: What celebrities have you met?

Joey: We just flew with Evander Holyfield this morning.

Lance: We just did Kathie Lee Gifford's Christmas special, and we did it with
Gifford and Pam Travis. Coolio…we've met too many famous people.

Justin: We've met lots of celebrities.

Chris: Like Zoogdiggity!

Funkyflyzoog: What it like having thousands of screaming girls at your

Chris: Whoo-hoo!

JC: It's very exciting and fun.

Lance: LOUD!

Mrzoog: Do you plan on being in the UK in the near future? ? I can't come to
the US, but I really want to see you guys!!!!

Joey: We will be there in January, in the UK. Doing a lot of promotion.

Marciah: What do you guys want to be doing in 20 years?

JC: The same thing!

boy34: What is the weirdest thing a fan has ever done?

JC: We've had people sneak in luggage racks at airports to try and see us.

Zoogsrcool: What's your favorite Disney movie?

Lance: The Lion King! I also like Herbie the Love Bug.

Joey: Pinocchio!

JC: The Apple Dumpling Gang!

Justin: Aladdin!

Robin Hood!

Tina7869: What's the most precious things all of you cherish?

Justin: My voice

Chris and Justin:
Our family and NSYNC

Lance: My family.

Joey: My family and friends.

JC: My family and friends.

Crazede4jc: What was your favorite place to travel on tour?

Lance: Lichtenstein.

Joey: South Africa. Very, very beautiful.

JC: Colorado.

Justin: Hawaii.

Chris: I like California, but as countries go United States.

Afrotea: Do you still play that "practical joke" on crowds, switchin' the band
to sing and you guys playing the instruments?

Joey: Not recently but maybe we'll do it again soon.

Crazy4jc: Do you all ever get in fights?

JC: Yes we do. No we don't. We have disagreements like any family would, but we
always resolve them 'cause we're all family.

Justin: We're all family. (starts singing "We are Family")

Nsyncfan: I can't believe I'm really chatting with 'N Sync!! I am
totally freaking out!!

Joey: Don't freak out too much! :-)

Supergirl911: I just wanted to say thank you all for being my encouragement and
inspiration, also for brightening up my life, truthfully, if it wasn’t for you
guys, I wouldn’t be here right now, Thanks again!

All: Thank you and God bless.

Lance: It really means a lot to hear stories like that.

Malenko: What has been your proudest moment?

Lance: One of our proudest moments was getting to present the BeeGees with
their lifetime achievement award.

Chris: My first time on stage with other guys.

Justin: I like the moments we just heard that said we were inspirational
moments- those are my proudest moments.

Nsync4evah: What do you want for Christmas?

JC: To be home with my family.

Joey: To be with my family and have a safe holiday.

Lance: Beanie babies!

Chris: Play video games with my family.

Justin: To play with everyone's families.

Margotgo: What advice can you give someone wanting to get into the music

Joey: Practice, practice, practice!

JC: Don't be discouraged easily. Hard work always pays off. Stay

Zoogerator: Do you have any last thoughts?

Lance: Thank you everyone out there our fans mean a great deal to us. We love
you all. God bless. And we will see you in the near future.

JC: Goodbye, Zoogers!

Joey: Goodbye!

Chris: Woo-hoo!

Justin: Good bye fellow Zoogers. Zoogdiggity, no doubt!