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Thursday December 3rd, 1998 - Indianapolis, Indiana

I'm totally greatful that I got to go to the *N Sync concert. It's sort of a
long story. A long time before the concert (about 3 months) I waited and
waited for one of my friends to go to the concert with me. None of them could
until one's mom said she could. So I go and buy my tickets and they were all
sold out. I was very upset. I wanted to see them so bad. So about a week
before the concert, a local radio station was giving away backstage passes and
tickets. I didn't win those but I was close. I got through 2 out of the 4
times I called different nights and I was a couple callers away from being the
winner. I thought I was all out of luck. The day of the concert, I called the
concert venue and asked if they had tickets left. They told me they had single
tickets left but I'd have to come and get them now because they would probly
sell out. None of my parents were home and I don't drive yet so I couldn't go.
My dad finally got home about an hour later. We went downtown and I asked the
dude at the box office for a ticket. He said he had two left and pulled out
one. He showed me where the seat was. It was in the Right Royal Balcony. I
didn't think it was a good seat but I bought the ticket anyway because I just
wanted to go. :o) So, I ran outside to find my dad and I saw JUSTIN'S MOM
through the window of the tour bus. I know it had to have been her because I
saw her on the Disney concert. It was so cool. I didn't see any of the guys

I went home and got ready real quick and my mom drove me back downtown. I had
my camera and I was loaded with cash. :o) I got there about half and hour
before the concert started. I got a cool picture of the sign on the venue
saying *N sync were there. I was by myself the whole time in line because I
only got a single ticket. I didn't care though because I was there! :o) I got
in the venue (not getting caught with my camera) and went up the stairs to the
balcony entrance. They weren't letting people in yet so I just stood there. I
talked to some girls and then they started letting people in. I was the first
one in so I felt all special. The usher lady helped me find my seat. It was
soo awesome. I walked in and freaked out. She asked me how I got such a good
seat and I told her I just bought the ticket today. She was like, "what!?!
your kidding me!" I said, "No!! Is it a good seat or something!?!" she goes,
"it sure is! it's in our Royal Balcony!" She took me to my seat and I could
see everything perfectly!!! I flipped out. It just felt like a dream cause I
wanted to go so bad and now I was actually there.

I ended up making friends with these 4 girls that sat next to me. They asked
me if I was there by myself and I told them I was. I told them all about my
story of none of my friends being able to go and crap too. So they said I
could chill with them and stuff. They were really nice. I also met this other
girl and her mom. She was only 13. She was totally in love with Chris. I'm
glad she was there to talk to me too. I don't think I would have had as much
of a good time as I did if I didn't meet those other people.

Finally the opening act came on. It was Sweet Pox (not sure if I spelled that
right). She did about 3 songs. One of her dancers was really cute too. :o)
haha! Then Britney Spears came on. I really liked her songs. I went out and
bought her single a couple days after the concert. After Britney Spears it
seemed like forever until *N Sync came out. Everyone was screaming and they
weren't even out yet.

About 15 to 30 mintues later (i can't seemed longer then that)
all the lights went off. All you could see was 3 black lights facing the back
of the stage and it looked like stars all over the back. It was awesome. Then
I saw these 5 black things walk on stage (that would be *N Sync) :o) and they
had cape thingys on. the took them off and they were in space outfits. they
were glowing cause of the blacklights. it was sooo awesome. I got only 2 pics
of them in their space thingys. they did all these funky dances in their
outfits then took them off and busted into a song. (I can't remember any of
the order of songs they did) When the took off the space outfits, they were
wearing these really cool lookin' ones. I dunno how to explain them. Who
cares. :o) I can tell ya what colors they were wearing if anybody cares. :o)
Chris was in purple, Lance was in dark green, JC was in blue, Justin was in
light blue, and Joey was in red.

They did about 5 songs in their cool outfits. Then they changed into normal
clothes. Justin came out and started rapping. If ya know what I'm talking
about. He'd do a beat then the drummer would do one. It was so cool. He is
good at everything! Then the rest of the guys came out and did songs from back
in they day. I knew 'em all too. It was cool. Me and the girls I was sitting
by were singing so long. They did about 2 songs in their normal clothes. They
went and changed into spiffy Christmas type clothes. I got my last picture of
Justin coming on stage. I was pissed cause later one while they were singing,
"Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays" they had snow and I didn't have film left.
Oh well.

The last outfits (sorry, i'm makin' this sound like a fashion show or
something) they wore were black vests/pants with colored shirts underneith. No
damn film for that either. :o( Oh well. I think then they did that thing where
Chris split the audience down the middle. On my side was JC and Lance. The
other side had Joey and Justin. Chris told everybody what to do and Joey and
Justin's side was louder. I think it's pretty obvious why..cause about every
girl there was yelling for Justin. haha! then they did a couple more songs and
ended with Tearin' Up my Heart. I wish i could remember the order of the songs
they did. I know some songs they did sing...God Must have Spent a Little More
Time on You, Tearin' Up my Heart, Crazy for You, Giddy Up, Merry Christmas,
Happy Holidays, I Want You Back, I Just Wanna be With You, Everything I Own,
Here We Go, I Drive Myself Crazy, and Under My Tree. There might be more but
I'm dumb and forgot.

I bought a program thingy, a picture, a poster, and a glow stick thingy with
*n sync on it. I spent all in all about $60 (including my ticket). My mom was
sorta mad but oh well. She got over it because she was really glad I got to
go. I guess that's all I can think of that happened. It had to be the best
night of my life! :o) bye!

-nicole (