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Transcript of Yahoo! Chat with 'NSYNC
December 02, 1998

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Lance is here!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Hi everyone. I'm now online!

a_cassell asks: Lance, I just wanna say that I love you and that I wish you the best. Anyways, here is the question- Do you consider yourself lucky to be a member of NSYNC?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'm very lucky to be a member, and definitely lucky to be where we're at today.

NsyncBassBaby asks: Have you ever studied dance or did you just pick it up as you joined the group ?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I was the worst dancer when I joined the group!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I spent hours with a choreographer every day so I could learn.

SyncMousePlayBoy asks: Lance, what is your favorite song to perform?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I have three.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: God Must Have SPent a little more time on you

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: for the girl who has everything

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: and I want you back.

NSYNCAngel_Sista asks: Why do you like the Tazmanian Devil so much?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Just because he's so crazy, and I just like his little language he has. "balhbahblalll" something like that!

bluebed98 asks: How many hours a week does the group spend practicing dance?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: When we get ready for a tour, any where from 8-10 hours per day. On tour, practices are our sound checks and performances.

amybug_18 asks: What do you think is your best quality?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I guess I'm too friendly sometimes.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That can be bad sometimes.

SaharaAndDeezal asks: What's your favorite food and why?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Food is French toast because when I was little my grandmother made that for me every morning when I spent the night at her house.

NsyncBassBaby asks: What's your favorite place you've been on tour & why ?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Lichtenstein, probably.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That's because it's the most peaceful country you'll probably ever go to.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Just paradise.

bluebed98 asks: What;s your favorite song on the album?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: God Must Have Spent a Little More Time On YOu

SaharaAndDeezal asks: What is your favorite Christmas carol?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: O Holy Night

Tay1222314 asks: Lance, how did 'NSYNC meet?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone was in Orlando working there.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Two of the guys were working at Universal.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Two at a club.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We were looking for a bass player, and they called me up to go down to Orlando.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The first time we sang together, we knew that was it.

RidDLe_7 asks: What was it like performing in the Macy's Thanksgiving parade?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Besides the rain, it was really cool because every year I've watched the parade at my grandmother's.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: This was the first time I was away from Mississippi.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It was cool to be in it. I never thought I'd be in it.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Plus, we got to meet a lot of neat people, like Chicago, and Monica.

SoccerChic6969 asks: How does your success affect your regular life?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I don't have any more free time or privacy.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I knew that's what I would give up when I joined.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Other than that, I'm very well grounded.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My family keeps me down to earth. They would kill me if I got a big head.

I_Luv_Justin98 asks: Do u guys get into alot of fights? if you do how do resolve the problem?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Never into fistfights, but we do have disagreements.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We're like brothers.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I consider him family. Just like brothers, we fight.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We handle them by talking to each other.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We usually forget the problem by the next day.

NsyncGirlyGirl asks: Do you guys check out all the webpages made about you on the internet?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I do.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Just got my computer two weeks ago.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The first thing I did was search some of the sites.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I visited quite a few, and left a few messages. They probably don't know it was me.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I was very impressed. Some are better than our own site!

Shorty_Rox_144 asks: What's your fav. thing to do when u aren't performing?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Probably jet skiing.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Perfect when I want to get away from it all.

Sparkle_00_04 asks: which member of NSync have you bonded with the most do you think?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Different ones at different times.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: At first, me and Chris bonded the best because we were rooming together.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Me and Joey always went out at night to clubs.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Justin and I relate the most because we're almost the same age and similar backgrounds.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: JC is just fun to talk to about anything.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: He's very smart and intellectual about different stuff.

nsynceb2001 asks: What is your favorite music? Who's your favorite singer?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I like every type of music from hard rock to country.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Vocally, Celine Dion. Performance wise, Garth Brooks.

a_cassell asks: Did Toby the horse really die? If so, I'm very sorry..

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Yes, he died of old age. He was an old horse. That was several years ago.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'll probably have another someday, and he'll be named toby in honor of him.

RidDLe_7 asks: Is it true that you are the shyest in the band?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Compared to everyone else, yes!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They're very crazy, so I wouldn't say I'm shy, but compared to the other guys yes.

raechel_love asks: How did you put together a Christmas album so fast?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That surprises us sometimes.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: When we decided to do it we had a month and a half.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: But we did it in 4 weeks.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We were really happy how it turned out.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: A little surprised at how quick.

Mrs_Chasez asks: Do you keep all the stuff that the fans throw up on stage?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Yes.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: A lot of the stuff we keep if it means a lot to us. Some of the stuff we can't keep we give to

charities like Children's Hospitals.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We get lots of stuffed animals.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It is.

TahitiTreat_22 asks: Hey Lance, your song is on the radio right now, and I was just wondering if it was a thrill hearing yourself on the radio?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Every time it comes on, it brings a smile to my face knowing that people are listening to our music.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It doesn't seem real sometimes.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: When you hear people request it and hear the Dj announce it, it means so much.


Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Both

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Sometimes boxers sometimes briefs, somedays boxerbriefs.

Jessica_S_16 asks: what is you idea of a perfect date?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Something adventurous.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Hiking, then picnic on the beach.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: An amusement park.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Something fun.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Rockclimbing.

Stacey_Loves_Lance asks: is it true that u have a collection of beenie babies?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Unfortunately, yes.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's one of those things I rarely admit.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Because I made fun of beanie babies at first.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Fans started giving them to me, and then it got addicting.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'm a baby-beanieaholic.

Laur723 asks: what would you like to be doing in 20 years?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Hopefully the group will still be together.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Lots of albums behind us.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: World tours.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I see us doing individual stuff, too.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Justin will probably do a solo album.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: in a few years.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I see us doing a lot of movies in the next 20 years.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We want to do every aspect of it.

NSyncKicks15 asks: Do you guys ever get homesick?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: All the time.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: But I always get calls from friends.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I talk with family every day.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I go home once a month.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's not enough, but it work.s

amybug_18 asks: Besides family and friends, what else do you miss on tour?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I miss having some off time.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Going out and doing whatever you want to by yourself.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Like going to the mall and shopping.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We work all the time, so we don't have time to think abou thtat.

Teaspoon_16 asks: What's the last movie you saw at the theatres?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Enemy of the State.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Two days ago in Cleveland.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I loved it!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Great movie, Will Smith was incredible.

angel_iris_peace asks: Do you play video games and what games are they

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I have a playstation.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: haven't played in a while.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Chris has one on the bus.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: When I go home, I like to play adventurous games.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Like Bug

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Mario Brothers type of games.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Where you can continue when you left off.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: A mission you have to accomplish.

SpMedGirl18 asks: is there one song that stirs up very strong emotions for you? any song?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The Dance, it's my favorite song.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's a very good song.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Words makes you start thinking about past experiences and people in your life.

Jenny172 asks: Lance, what is one of your favorite memories you have as a group?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I have several.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The first time we went platinum

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: To meeting and presenting the Bee Gees their lifetime achievement award.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Traveling all around the world performing for all types of audiences.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Every day is a new memory.

sportysporty3 asks: what do u plan to do for your 20th b-day

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I don't know.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Actually, I think we'll be in NYC

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We'll be doing 5 nights at Radio City Music Hall.

phnixfire asks: are you looking forward to performing at motown live? I'll be there to cheer you guys on!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We're really looking forward to that.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We just found out about it last week.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I saw it on TV last year.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: This year, it's going to be a lot of fun to be on it.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'm anxious to meet everyone.

Magdalena_2001 asks: What are your resolutions for the New Year?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Overall just to be a better person.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Be a better influence to people since we're always in the public eye.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I guess I just want it to be the year of NSYNC for us.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I want to do as many things as we want to do.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Like a movie, and new album in February.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That's a biggie since the second album is what makes you.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We'll make it as big as we possibly can.

SarahMonica7 asks: was becoming a singer your dream?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: No, actually.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I've always thought about it, but I never thought I'd be able to do it.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I've always wanted to be an actor.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: For some reason I thought that was more attainable.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The day I joined the group, I knew that this was it and that this would work.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: So far it's been a dream come true.

Sugarchic24 asks: whos idea was it to get tatoos when the album went platnum

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I don't know.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It just happened.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We were in Canada at muchMusic.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We did a show and they presented us with our first platinum album live on TV.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The security people there worked at a tattoo parlor

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We went like at 1 am after the show.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We picked out the flames from the I want you back CD

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone got something similar.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Mine's small on my ankle

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: JC didn't get anything because he was scared.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They're not seen so our parents won't get mad at us.

Jiznazzy asks: Do you like little children? You and the other guys seem so natural around it because you come from a big family?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I think so.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone is so good with kids.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I worked at a day care when I lived in Mississippi.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I used to be at eacher there.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They're so fun. So honest! That's what I like about them.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: If you ever want to know an answer, just ask a little kid.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We love visiting with kids at schools.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's so humbling, because they don't care who you are.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They're really real.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's fun.

LuckyCharmer1 asks: If aliens were to destroy the world in the next 24 hours and you could only save one thing, what would it be?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Hmmm.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That's a very good question

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Never heard that before.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I guess my family.

pOkEmOn_OnE asks: Is there a certain item you carry with you alwayz?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Just got a book from a fan.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: What would jesus do.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: IT's for 365 days. Every day it has a scripture and asks a question and then asks what would Jesus do.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's really cool , because it gets you thinking.

Lutz779 asks: What was your first kiss like? and how old were you?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I was 5 years old.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I don't remember what it was like.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It was just a peck.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We had a homecoming game, and we were the little prince and princess of the game.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We had to carry crown and sceptor.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: And they made us kiss.

jojodojo asks: have you ever got to meet a singer or band that you like?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Several.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Just last week, Chicago.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They're awesome.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Matchbox 20

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: One of my favorite groups.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: This Monday, I'll meet everyone I've alwasy wanted to meet.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I met Celene Dion.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Hopefully Monday, Garth Brooks. That's a great dream.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Him and Rosie O'Donnell.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We're on her show Feb. 8

I_Luv_Justin98 asks: Are american fans more agressive then european fans?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Not at all.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: American fans are very good.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They're very enthusiastic at concerts, and they support us with everything. They have a good time, and then they go home and wait for us to come back next time.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: In Europe, it's a game to them to know where you're at every time of day.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I don't know how they find u

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: it's like a lifestyle for some of them.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: In Spain, they're very aggressive.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They want to just touch you.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Every country has a different feel.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Hawaii had an interesting culture. They were the loudest crowd I'd ever heard.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It hurt my ears!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Every place has a different effect.

volleyballchic1385 asks: a question on everyones mind, are you single??

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I am single, but I am dating.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Haven't found the right person yet, but I'm not really looking.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'm just enjoying meeting different people, going on dates when i have the time.

Oscar_the_grouch_9 asks: who inspired you to become a musican??

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I think it was my best friend Darren.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: He was always singing, and I wasn't into singing.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: He wanted me to join show choir, so I tried out and joined.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I had so much fun.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: From there, I advanced to another.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I wasn't singing too long after that when Justin called.

ajluver204 asks: Who's your fav character on South Park

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I have no idea.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Every one is so funny.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The funniest has to be Cartman, but I like Stan a lot too.

hypergirl_39 asks: Whst do you put on your french toast?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Powdered sugar.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Some like syrup, but I was raised with powdered sugar on the toast. The real French way.

roses426 asks: what do you look for in a girl

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I like the innocent type. The good girls. I like a religious girl. Someone I can talk to and be

best friends with for anything.

matttodd98 asks: Did you ever play sports for your school???

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Yes, I played baseball, football, basketball. All of them.

Jiznazzy asks: What do you do to get prepared for a concert?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We have about an hour before every concert where we relax.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We have our wardrobe assistants who are licensed masseusses.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We get massages and that relaxes us.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Scalp massages.

Ljkimbro asks: did your families come up for Thanksgiving?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Yes. We called in some caterers at the hotel, and we invited the crew and everyone who worked for us and we had a big Thanksgiving dinner in NY.

DarrenLuvsMe asks: Lance how does it feel to be loved by so many people? Does it feel weird being so


Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I feel like it's a small world. Everywhere we go, it's like "Hi Lance." I feel like I'm in a small town.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It feels comforting to know that you have a lot of people who know who you are and respect what you do.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's something you can't comprehend well. It's really nice.

kumuoli756 asks: if you had a day of freedom, what would you be doing?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I would be home with my family.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Probably jet skiing!

bassgrrl15 asks: What is the song "Under My Tree" about?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Under My Tree is about someone talking to their loved one.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Talking about how they would make all the dreams come true just being with them.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Holding them under the tree at Christmas time.

FloridaFemale16 asks: What is your favorite movie?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Clue

gritssb asks: How have your friends handled your fame?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They enjoy it. Sometimes they have more fun than I do!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They enjoy it. They sit back and laugh. They know me.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They say, "Why do they act so crazy about you, it's just you!"

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We laugh about it.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We're amazed at how quickly it came about.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They've known about NSYNC for three years now.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's been interesting to watch it grow.

JustnGrl asks: what was your favorite subject in school?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I like math and sciences.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My mother was a math teacher.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My favorite was probably physics.

curliesgurlie asks: Who's the grumpiest in the morning??

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Probably Justin.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: If you wake him up, he's not awake yet.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: He doesn't talk until he has his cereal.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: So you don't want to talk with him until then!

NSyncKicks15 asks: Have you ever went bungy jumping?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: No, but I'm definitely going soon.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That's been on my mind forever.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'm going skydiving in a wind tunnel they have in Orlando.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: hopefully, one day, I can really go sky diving.

pOkEmOn_OnE asks: what do you think about the nba lockout?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I think it's terrible.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Basketball is the group's favorite sport.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: that's all we watch.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Another thing is, "Here we Go" was going to be the theme song for the NBA this year.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That kind of ruined our plans!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Maybe it'll come back.

UWGB_luves_nsync asks: What is your most prized possession?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I guess all my platinum and gold records.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's just nice to see all the awards we've won. In one glance you can remember several days

of your life.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's nice to see what we've done.

nsyncgal234 asks: who are your role models?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I have several.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: my family is my biggest.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They rub off on you!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My biggest musically is Garth Brooks.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I like his attitude and the way he enjoys his fans and does his music.

rosebud_1616 asks: Do you play any instruments?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I play the keyboard.

Princess_K_18 asks: Do you usually spend the night in the bus or in a hotel room?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Usually in hotel rooms.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We travel at night, 4-5 hours at night. So we sleep on the bus too.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We then wake up at a hotel and sleep the rest of the night there.

SyncMouseRideIt asks: Lane, what is your fav part about touring?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Getting to see everywhere.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: All the cities.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Getting to see all the fans you get to know over time.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Every time you go to a city and see them again.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Meeting the people is the best part.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: All the time.

urgelover8up asks: are you ever overwhelmed by all of it

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everything about this job is overwhelming. The work load, the fans.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: You can't comprehend it sometimes.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: it's great, though!

JCNSYNClvr asks: I love the *N SYNC commercial was it fun to make?????

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Oh yeah!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That was our record company's idea.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They were talking about getting album on air.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: But they said, "Why don' tyou do your own commercial."

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: From now on, we're doing all our own commercials.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It was definitely fun.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It was practically made up by ourselves!

ktwhistler asks: Do you get nervous before a show?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Not nervous, but excited.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Always a knot in your stomach of excitement.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Only if that day during sound check if something goes wrong.

SuGaRnSpIcE113 asks: Are there any strange habits any of you guys have???

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Not anything funny.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I think all of us get so tired sometimes.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We always videotape everything, and sometimes we fall asleep with our eyes open halfwya.

olli21 asks: how was it growing up in Mississippi??

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It was very humble place. Everyone knows everyone.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I was born in a really small town in southern Mississippi.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Later I moved to Clinton, and was introduced to music.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone there was movie freaks, soccer freaks and football freaks.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Our class, the class of 97, was so close. We're still tight. we have an annual party that

everyone goes to.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone gets along and remembers the good ol' times.

HOMIEflippity asks: Lance why do they call you Scoop

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Steve, Joey's brother, gave that name to me. I always know the schedule, so he calls me

Scoop because I know everything that's about to happen.

HOMIEZLancesBaby asks: hey will you go with me to the new star wars movie??

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I would love to because I love the Star Wars movie.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: And I can't wait to see how they're going to do it.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'd love to go!

matttodd98 asks: Does anyone else in your family sing??

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My mom and sister do.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That was only in church.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My sister hated singing in public, but she has a great voice.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My mom loved to sing.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I guess that's where I got my voice from.

Magdalena_2001 asks: Do you think people have misconceptions about you and the group itself?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Definitely.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That's the biggest problem we have.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: People always pre-judge us.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We make music for everybody.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone's realizing this now.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: First, they thought we only made music for 10 year olds.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Now, people realize that they like the album. Now there are 40 year olds coming to our concerts.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They had to get beyond that first.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone's coming around now.

TJR164 asks: Has anyone played a practical joke on another member?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: All the time.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The latest one.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I fell asleep in the dressing room.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Joey put whipped cream and beanie babies all over my head.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It's on tape.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I got him back!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I just took the whipped cream and put it on his hair!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We had a war.

ecnalgirl asks: do you guys ever get time to go to church while on tour?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Not when we're on tour.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'd love to, but when I'm home in Orlando I go there.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: In Mississippi I do too.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: whenever I'm home on Sunday, i'm definitely in church.

Draken_Storms asks: What other talents do you have?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: None! I guess i haven't discovered them yet! Seriously, I love acting!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: When we do music videos, that's close, and I have fun with that.

NSYNC_LanceLuver asks: What was your favorite television appearance?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'm sure it will be the Rosie show coming up. but my favorite interview so far was with Howie Mandell.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: leno has been great to us too.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: A big dream was to sit on the couch at the tonight show.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Musical guests don't usually do that, but he invited us to.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: No.

NSyncKicks15 asks: Can you see everyone in the audience?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We see the first 10 rows, but after that it's hard.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Then during the show, we have them turn on the house lights so we can see everyone.

oneray2 asks: Who came up with the idea for the video?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It was really everybody.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I said I wanted a video that got everyone's emotions stirring.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: This one, i wanted a story.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I didn't want it to be about a boy and a girl.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We took it with a mother and child.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That got it going, and Chris said, "Let's have it be in the 20s"

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They can go off to war.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone threw ideas into that.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: And the director pulled it off.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I'm upset about this on MTV though.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They never show the end of it, and that's the biggest climax part.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: At the climax, you think he's dead, and the sergeant comes to the door to the mother's house,

and she starts crying.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: but it turns out it's actually him. So everyone's crying until the very end!

ELANORE17 asks: Lance I love you and N guys are amazing.....what's your faveoutie fan


Yahoo_NSync_Lance: They come up to the limo, or a van of girls will come up next to us on the road and the door opens.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It worries us they'll get hurt!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: There's been several.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: A girl jumping into a baggage belt to get past security to see us.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: To hiding under tables at hotels to see us.

SpMedGirl18 asks: could you ever see yourself as a talk show host?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We were just talking about that.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I see all of us doing a talk show.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Not in the next 2 years, because we're so busy.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: But I think it'd be cool to have a show like Rosie has. Nothing like jerry springer.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: A cool show just meeting nice cool people.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I see a TV series before that though.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: You remember CHiPs?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We met Larry Wilcox at TV Guide.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: He was talking about doing a series, and he's writing a pilot for a series on us.


Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Adventure movies.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: The first one we'll do this summer will be a comedy. Kind of like an adventurous comedy.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Probably nothing about NSYNC. Just us in college.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: There's an offer for us to do a very adventurous movie.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: That will be really cool. Lots of cool stuff coming up.

danserik asks: What was it like to work with Janet Jackson?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: She is so incredible!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: One of the nicest persons in the world.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Very down to earth andhumble.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Everyone wanted autographs.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We'd go hang out with her.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I wish we were still on tour with her because she's going to all these great places.

babidies18 asks: Why are you so cute?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Ha!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I don't think I'm cute! Ha!

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: My parents did a good job, I guess.

chrisy42 asks: Is it true you have your own biography out?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Yes, we just wrote an autobiography.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: We had some help, and released it a couple of weeks ago.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I think it's just called NSYNC.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: It just hit the bestseller list.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Embarassing Moments is my favorite part.

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Have you read it?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Yep!

jaclyn_7 asks: Do you intend to go to college someday?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I am in college right now.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: I graduate from a Univ. of Nebraska program, and I'm still taking some more courses with


sun_devil_12 asks: If you had one wish....what would it be?

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: For NSYNC to stay successful for many more years, for us to be long-lasting.

Yahoo_NSync_Lance: Thanks everyone for chatting. It's been lots of fun. See you soon. Stay NSYNC!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Hope you will join us for the next 'N SYNC Chat!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Transcripts will be posted in a couple of days!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Thanks!

ChatYahoo_Lisa: Bye!!!