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We of The Order of The Crescent Moon are dedicated to acheiving the pronciples of virtue amd goodwill. It is my hope, that one day, we, united in our purpose, will be able to transform this land into the shape of the very virtues that we embody. It is our duty to protect those in need, those that are less fortunate than us and those who can use a guiding light.

It is up to us. Our current leadership, in the form of Lord British, cannot and will not protect his citizens from the plague that infests this land. Therefore, we as one, shall protect those who need it. We will never allow evil to win and we will never allow the darkness to infest it.

It is my belief, that if we can stay adhered to our goals, that one day, our land will be free of conflict and all can live in harmony. It is my belief that one day the incompetant leadership in Britannia will be deposed. It is my belief, that one day The Order of The Crescent Mooon will be one of the most highly regarded guilds in Britannia.

Our journey has just begun.