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Britannia. The mere word evokes a flood of memories, from happiness, sadness, despair, and conquest. Yet, this land is so easily forgotten by most. The memories that i have of this land are of the way it should it be, yet there are many who wish to twist this land into an evil version of themselves. And it is us, the ones who hold virtue dear and wish to eradicate the horrors that others wish to bring. We, must stand united and fight the oncoming tide and together we shall.

Alas, I did not always feel that way. It is strange, it is almost as if I have been an adult all my life, in fact my first memory is that of a bright crystal-like object that pulled farther and farther away and then blackness, and when I could see again, i was in the land that I call home. Most are able to recall many of their childhood memories, but as far as I know I had no childhood.

My first few months in this land were months spent observing. I stayed around the main population centerpoints and observed all types of people. The old, the young. The brave, the cowardly. The wise, the stupid. But one type of person intrigued me the most, I had learned that there were people with in the world that hold the same beliefs and that these people organize into collectives known as guilds. These guilds held great interest to me as I found the idea of people actually working together to obtain a specific purpose, I felt a distant connection to these people of honor and valor.

Over the next several months I had bounced from guild to guild in search of a place that I felt right in. All the guilds were friendly in there own way, and were very welcoming and educational. Yet, I felt out of place, like something was missing. It was then that the spirits of the Crescent Moon visited me.

The spirits spoke of a civilization long lost in Britannia. A civilization were everybody had honor and conflict was non-existent. They told me, that I had the power to bring these virtues back to this land that is so overrun with lawlessness. They instilled in me the power of the crescent moon. The power to organize. The power to succeed. The power of passion.

When I awoke, I quickly ran to my best friends house, a scholary gentleman who knew many of the secrets of the arcane. Jeremy the Wise told me that he had heard of the spirits of the Crescent Moon when he was on an adventure deep in the wilderness and he came across a book. Inside that book he said held all the knowledge that anyone could wish to know, yet before he had a chance to flip the pages, the book mysteriously caught ablaze and vanished. Then I asked him, to come with me and fulfill the destiny that I have been given. That destiny was to bring back one of the greatest civilizations of all time. the Order of The Crescent Moon.


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