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I was born son of a great mage that once was, on the island of Moonglow so very long ago. ‘Twas a bright day as I remember being told by my fathers friends, Im sure it must have been for in the days of old us Moonglowers didst never speak lies, we were a culture of great mages and sailors, though I never didst take an interest in sailing the seas of Britannia I didst take an interest in magery, It kinda grows on you whenst ye spends all that time on a small island with nothing better to do then sit around watching the elder mages practice, but enough about life on Moonglow way back when.

(goes to many years in the future)

It had been many years since i had moved from Moonglow to the city of Vesper and I had made many a friend in that bustling city, I remeber one inperticular, the one who influnced me most to practice in the arcane arts, his name was Sir Gregory he was a somewhat skilled swordsman and he had taught me some of the ways to weild his steel. One day we didst wander into the woods north of the city, it was quite boring out there and we just kept walking north, then from nowhere an ogre jumps out and mine friend didst defend himself and strike at the vile beast I could see he was not quite cutting the beast as well as would be hoped and as his health didst deteriorate he did call me in to help I came with the quickness of a wisp but apparetly the strength of a rabbit and I didst attack and attack with all my heart but to no avail, I didst watch to my horror as my friend was crushed beneath the Ogre, I ran in horror of what I had seen, with all my anger bottled up inside me I only stoped running long enough to throw my blade into the river and vow never again to swing that blade or any other, but I did realize I needed a form of defence so I traveled back to Moonglow and sucluded myself in the library and studied and studied till I thought I didst know enough of the arcane arts to lead a fair life. The death of mine friends have left a permanent frown upon mine face and until I revenge his death I will forever be doomed to a angry heart.


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