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I started out as an intrepid young man from Vesper, the son of a local farmer. My first taste of battle came when my father and I dispatched a small band of orcs from destroying the crops. It was then I knew my destiny was to become a great swordsman and travel across Britannia seeking fame, fortune and glory.

So I set out and, long story short, became a Grandmaster Swordsman. After that I began to research the arcane arts and am now an Adept Mage. I spent a brief period in the guild The Warchildren Clan, under the tutelage of Daryan and jubei, but the guild disbanded after my guildmaster mysteriously vanished. It was shortly after that I met Amethyst, the woman who would become my mentor, teacher, and friend. She soon invited me into her guild, The Crystal Empire, and immediately placed me in a leadership of a small group of troops. I was the Baron of the Onyx Dominion for 3 long months, I made many friends and few enemies.

Turmoil followed and quickly I was kicked out of CE due to a misunderstanding. I had gotten a taste of leadership and I was intoxicated. I bounced between several guilds, Disciples of the the Black Eclipse, Defenders of Chaos (a Chaos guild), and Defenders of the Lair, but something was always missing. It was then I founded The Domino Knights, of course I credit this bold and momentous move to the support of my new Empress Syrenia. Without her I probably could have never gotten this far.

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