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My home....The Heavens.

My birthplace....The Heavenly Realm.

My Mission....Ambassador of Peace.

My Destiny....White Mage priestess...Order of the Crescent Moon.... Brittiania.

I was born a Cetra princess. Royalty in a realm unseen by human eyes. My Mother, an Imperial Cetra Goddess, favoring the virtues of Righteousness, Justice, and Love. Ifalna Fell in Love with a mortal man of knowledge and wisdom...a man of Professor Gast. I, their beloved daughter, being in part mortal and in part immortal, took on both human charcateristics and God-Like powers. I, having a divine nature, felt most at home in the heavenly realm...consorting with the Angelic Host. I learned from them the powers of White Magery, the virtues of peace, love, justice, mercy, righteuosness, comapassion, and truth...above all truth.

I came to Britania on a mission to help, to save, to empower, to heal, and to love. Sent as an Ambassador of peace to human realm filled the stirrings of war. An archangel of justice to come against the evil that preveils with my Sword of Righteousness, Staff of Judgement, and Helmit of Faith.

I bring with me the powers of Hypocrities (the great healer), Eros (the archer), and Venus (the goddess of love). My white mage powers and abilities of swordsmanship, archery, healing, alchemy, item identification, and spirit speak are granted to me from on High ; making a me a true Lady of the Heavens....Hence my title in the guild. My destiny and purpose in this realm are clear and can be realized only in the company of kindred souls.

When I came to Britannia, I found such as I had been searching for... The Order of the Crescent Moon. Jeremy approached me and I saw with spiritual discernment his divine wisdom (not unlike the wisdom of my own mortal father). He told me of guild and I realized I had found haven of retreat safety in this hostile and dangerous realm known as Britannia. I had found an earthly home. When I Sir Phoenix, and learned of his vision, I knew our purposes and our very souls were linked in undeniable destiny.

Together we shall restore peace and justice to this Realm! hand in hand we shall restore life itself to this planet and bring celestial kinship once again between men and the Gods!


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