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Raven's Monk Guild


Garb: Gray belt or sash at 1st level, and a black belt or sash at higher levels Weapons: Quarterstaff, nunchuku, polearms, dagger, short swords, or a single long sword (3 to 4 ft. in length), throwing weapons after 1st level. Armor: None. Shield: None. Levels: 1st- a) May block projectiles with their weapons without penalty. b) Heal self once per life. c) Immune to touch of death, vibrating palm, and spell of wounding. 2nd- a) May use throwing weapons. b) Immune to poison. c) May transfer one life to a teammate (excluding monsters) once per game. 3rd- a) Immune to all magic that charms or control. (excpt scout trap) b) Vibrating palm once per life. 4th- a) May turn undead twice per life. b) May block projectiles with their hands without penalty. 5th- a) May use the sanctuary chant once per life. b) Protection from death. 6th- a) Immunity to traps. b) 1 additional heal self per life (total of 2). Notes: 1) Heal self- Same as the healer spell heal. Is considered to be a form of body control and is non-magical in nature. Must recite full incantation to be healed. 2) Vibrating palm- Same as the assassins' touch of death but instead charge it by saying 'Vibrating palm" x 20. 3) Protection from death- Exactly like the healer enchantment of the same name. However this is an inherent immunity, not a form of magic. 4) Immunity to charm or control- May still be trapped, entangled, subdued, frozen, or petrified. Are still affected by Bardic visit and Bardic voice (non-charm magic only). 5) Sanctuary- By chanting "sanctuary" once every 5 seconds the monk may wander unhindered where he will and no one within 20 feet may strike at or attack him. Sanctuary, is negated in the following instances: a. The monk stops his chant. b. The monk approaches within 20 feet of a home base or flag. c. The monk has a weapon in hand. Note: this is not a protection from various battlefield effects, but only from deliberate attacks (the monk is unnoticeable). 6) Turn undead- By stating this out loud, the Monk may prohibit an undead creature (zombie, ghost, etc,) from attacking him for a count of 1,000. This may be done twice per life but never more than once on the same particular undead individual.
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