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Standing proud and strong,
his feet firmly upon the ground,
taking a stand to protect her,
he doesn't make a sound...

His muscles are hard as steel,
his bronzed skin glistens in the sun,
his eyes cut through his enemies,
but embrace the one that he loves...

He will protect her no matter what,
be it his vow to her,
nothing can harm the woman he loves,
of this she will always be sure...

The darkness decends upon them,
he feels the danger in the air,
he positions himself in front of her,
and readies himself aware...

The wind is coming in howling tones,
as he raises up his spear,
ready to defend her,
against what ever is near...

He shows no fear of what comes,
but welcomes in the fight,
he will battle to the death,
for what he knows is right...

Suddenly a gust of wind,
swoops down and carries her away,
it is a dark and evil wind,
that takes her from him this day...

With determination he grabs the wind,
and harnesses it furiously,
darting and twisting he fights the fight,
of a dark spirit he can not see...

Lightning flashes and pierces his side,
with intense pain he bends over,
clutching his wounds he looks in its eyes,
with the spirit of a warrior...

Another bolt flashes by,
as he reaches out to grasp it,
thrusting it with all his might,
into the clouds and with ultimate accuracy...

He clutches onto another,
and then a third,
wailing them with all his might,
fighting for his love...

Thunder crashes and lightning strikes,
as the rain pours all around them,
he sees his love with frightened eyes,
as the evil passes by him...

With one arm he reaches out,
and makes precise contact,
he plunges deep into its black heart,
and pulls with all his might...

His love falls through the sky,
as he dives to catch her,
With the wings of an angel,
they will walk the wind together...

He has won the greatest battle,
of love and she is his prize,
as they fly on the winds,
he looks lovingly into her eyes...

She will remain with him for all eternity,
just as it should have been,
and love him always and forever,
This Warrior of the Wind.

By: Joyce Mountain Lion
August 2000
All rights reserved