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Mary lived alone, not a friend did she have to her name,
She would sit and watch the children pay,
out the window and exclaim...

No one really wants me or comes to see me here,
I am all alone you see,
No friends or family dear...

She goes about her daily chores,
And does each one with pride,
In the hope that someone someday, will want to come inside...

She dusts and cleans, day in and out,
This is all she has to do,
And maybe just in case,
God should come by too...

She looked inside her icebox,
And it was so very bare,
She must go do some shopping,
And put some food in there...

What would people think,
If they did decide to come,
To visit her and have a snack,
For this she would have none...

Off to the store she did go,
And it was her plan,
to buy some really yummy food,
To share with guests and then...

On her way home, with bags in hand,
She came upon a dirty man,
His clothes all torn and tattered...

His face was dirty too,
She stopped at the alley to talk to him,
And ask what she could do...

You are very kind the man exclaimed,
But I can't ask anything of you,
I, am proud and i'll make my way,
In her heart she knew this was true...

But the man had a family,
A wife and three small dears,
She felt so sorry for them all,
And barely could hold back the tears...

I am all alone she said,
To the man and his family,
I have much more then I will need,
Let me give this to you please...

She gave them all she had,
Her money and her food,
And told them to enjoy it all,
Her heart felt really good...

She then went home and thought a while,
And wished she had someone to tell,
Of this family that was so needy,
And had lost all as well...

Night time had come and gone,
She couldn't get them off her mind,
She thought she might go find them,
And invite them home this time...

She looked all over,
And they were no where to be found,
They weren't in that alley,
Or anywhere in town...

So she went home and was ready to,
Unlock the door and then,
She found a note on old paper,
And began to read what was written...

We came to pay a visit,
And our thanks we wanted to show,
To the wonderful lady who shared her things,
And the love that you had shown...

We know you must be busy,
So we will not intrude,
Thank you for all the wonderful food,
And our children now have shoes.


By: Joyce Mountain Lion