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He lit a candle and gazed at its glow,
he was lost in his heart and did not know,
if there was truely love for him,
in this world of loneliness...

He drifts away into his thoughts,
there is so much peace in there,
he escapes the turmoils of a love gone bad,
and prays for a love that is his...

He stares into the flickering light,
watching its movement with intensity,
all of a sudden a figure appears,
twirling and spinning in glee...

With a smile upon her face,
and eyes that pierce the soul,
with a heartbeat of the drums,
she dances heel and toe...

A beautiful spirit in his eyes,
an answer to his prayer,
she is his one and only love,
with ocean waves in her hair...

Her eyes are the blue of Grand Fathers sky,
her skin, bronzed by the sun,
wearing a dress of pure white doe,
and moccasins beaded with the stars...

She dances for him within the flame,
as he watches her body sway,
she is the vision of pure love,
that has finnally come his way...

Praying now as hard as he can,
he asks for this gift,
for the one and only love for him,
that will make his heart dance...

The flame grows stronger and lights his eyes,
as he hears a spirit's voice,
it tells him do not dispare,
to keep his faith and love is there...

There is a spirit there for him,
in the light of Grandfather's eyes,
she is his and will always stay,
with a love that will never bind...

She waits for him patiently,
knowing there is a love for her too,
a man who is kind in the heart and gentle in love,
he will greet her with a kiss or two...

They are connected in spirit and heart,
thier thoughts match perfectly,
she can feel his emotions well,
and he watches her dance the flame...

Though thier eyes have never met,
thier love exists genuine and true,
they wait patiently for the day,
for their hearts to drum in tune...

When it is time for thier spirits to meld,
and nothing stands in thier way,
they will wed in the eyes of the Great Spirit,
his blessings will come thier way...

But until this day arrives,
they are patient and there is no shame,
fore thier hearts and spirits will hold an embrace,
As together they dance the flame.

By: Joyce Mountain Lion
August 2000
All rights reserved