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Rushing water charging down,
Into a pool of glass,
Whistling winds passing through,
The trees and across the tall sweet grass...

Crickets singing sweetly,
Birds chirping and joining in,
A dragonfly humming gracefully,
Under a playful wolf pups chin...

Rain gently sprinkling down,
Adding glistening jewels to a spiders web,
Prairie grass rustling as the buffalo,
gift birth to thier next kin...

Tree tops grasping at the touch,
Of the gentle winds,
Eagles soaring on the drafts,
To the Creator our prayers they send...

A child is gleefully playing,
Beside a babbling brook,
As some minnows swim by him,
Stopping causously to take a look...

A crane walks in the water,
Feeding among the reeds,
While swans are taking flight,
And the fish become relieved...

Deer grazing in the meadow,
Butterflies on the wing in glorious colors and tones,
Bears are eating honey,
While bees buzz to protect thier home...

A tiny rabbit pokes out her head,
to nuzzle a purple bloom,
Her charges want to her to return,
It is feeding time real soon...

A snake lays still to sun itself,
upon a rock on a summers day,
While owlets wait patiently,
For the time they can fly away...

A turtle slides on it's belly,
Down a slick and muddy bank,
Making ripples in the water,
Just before it sank...

A distant call of the coyote,
Cries soulfully in sound,
Across the purple and gold sunset,
As darkness falls all around...

Frogs are in the pond,
Keeping a watchful eye,
As Mother Earth's Creations,
Slumber in the night.

By: Joyce Mountain Lion Kozic
July 28, 2000
All rights reserved