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The hawk flies high,
round and round,
painting circle in the sky,
casting shadows on the ground...

He watches and waits,
so he can see,
when danger aproaches,
to his family...

He is a protector to them,
and will not allow,
any harm to come,
from those on the ground...

Everyday he soars high in the sky,
waiting for prey to catch his eye,
to feed his family and keep them safe,
it is his purpose, in this changing place...

A parent, a protector,
a provider and spirit,
a wind walker and a teacher,
to all who accept him...

We could all take lessons,
from this mighty hawk,
to direct us and guide us,
on our paths as we walk...

He is here to tell us,
one and all,
hold up our heads,
to be proud and stand tall...

To listen to Creator,
and Walk a good path,
however rocky the road,
with courage and strength.

The End

By: Joyce Mountain Lion
May 1999