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I awake in the morning mist, as I arise to greet the new day and leave my den, the ground softly gives beneath my paws on the cool damp leaves of the forest floor. I look back to the entrace of the cave, where my family lay quiet and peaceful, enjoying the remainder of the night.
I am alone on this morn, as I emerge into the forest, in it's early morning darkness. I walk in silence and to my reward, I come upon the place where all life must have begun.
I find serenity in the glassiness of the lake and calmness in the beautiful song of the birds. The cool breeze blows against my face as I wander though the forest. I can smell the wild flowers and the trees around me, I know them all.
Ahead of me is a magnificent waterfall. It is mighty and powerful. As I stand, staring into it's wonders, and listening to the rushings of the water, I notice a small herd of wild horses watering themselves in the early morning quiet.
Next a small deer appears and it too, begans to refresh itself. A pair of eagles soar overhead in search of food. After a short time more of the animals of the forest arrive to bath and drink from this beautiful gift that Mother Earth has given to all.
We are all as one, on this morning of a new and wonderful day that the Creator has given us. For a short while we are equal as we drink and relax, small creatures beside the large ones and weak next to the strong.
Although some will relinquish their very existance... not today, not at this moment, not in these blissful surroundings. Not here where the Creator himself must live. Here we are all safe.
I am overwhelmed as I drink in all the beauty and peacefulness here. It touches my soul, in a way that nothing else can. As the sun burns away the morning mist, everything will change, but for the moment all is serene. This is peace in it's purest form.
WE are all alike in our hearts and souls, in this place where all unite without fear, and in our own special place, where ever that is for each of us, we are safe and protected by the Creator.
WE must all find the inner peace and love.
By: Mountain Lion 1998