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Robin Coulter, Virtual Assistant

Who should hire a virtual assistant?

Basically anyone that could use the services of an Administrative Assistant would benefit by hiring a Virtual Assistant. Virtual Assistants perform the same duties but they utilize their own equipment and work from their own home office. Normally information is exchanged using the phones, email, or fax. This arrangement allows you to run your office without having to go through the physical hiring process, saving your business time and other expenses associated with employees (i.e. Social Security, income tax, payroll, and other benefits.) No office space or equipment is needed since we provide the necessary peripherals.

Not just for the small business

We can help just about anyone in one way or another. Looking for information but donít have time to do the research? We can do it for you, whether itís for a school project or research on new developments for treating a deadly disease. Do you need to send invitations out for an upcoming party, baby shower, or reunion? Let us handle it for you! Traveling out of town (or country)? We can handle the reservations for the trip.

Web Sites

Just had a baby and want to put the pictures on the web for Grandma the other relatives to see? Do you need a basic site for your business but donít have the money to hire a large design company? We can do basic sites in less than two days. Domain name registration is extra (we can handle that also) but for one low price, you can get a site designed and hosted. Maintenance of the site is extra but the cost is very reasonable.


As you can see we provide just about any service you could need. If you are a local client (Orlando metro area) we can discuss other possibilities like delivery and pickup of documents. This alone could save you a great deal of time that would normally be spent away from your business. Please look at our Services page to find out just exactly what we can do.


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