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Welcome to the Inner Voice of Meniere's Information Links

support and information for inner ear disorders

information links updated 05/30/2008

Eat Low Sodium For a Healthier Life
Many people are helped by low sodium diets and this is a good site

The Dizzy Lounge Very well done and informative

Indiana Gazette article on histamine injections

Indiana Gazette personal story on histamine injections

Yahoo Meniere's Disease Club

Dizzy Street Lots of information, great site!

What is Meniere's?

BPPVAn excellent resource on positional vertigo

Official Vertigoheel Website of Heel Biotherapeutics

Vestibular DisordersHotsheet a great deal of information

Vestibular Disorders Hotsheet Interactive Message Board.

Jim Lubin's Disability Information Page Go here,if you have any questions about disability

Greg's Meniere's Discussion Group Archives

VEDA organization for vestibular disorders - lots of info

Wash Univ School of Med Meniere's Page

Meniere' of great links

Meniere' Search Engine

American Tinnitus Assoc

Meniere's Diesease Information Center research and reference links interesting reading for our German Speaking friends

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personal research


Essays and things written by people with inner ear disorders



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