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Suffering in silence - A Meniere's discussion


Let's talk about Menire's disease. Not the particulars. There are plenty of more qualifed people and places to visit for that info. I am talking about living with it. What it means to suffer in silence, and the fears, and frustrations that come with it.

If you have this disease, you already know. If you live with, or work around someone who does, you might not even know they are sick.

Many times you can look at someone and tell that something is wrong. Many times with Meniere's you can't. These people may feel fine one minute, and the next be extremely ill.

That is how it was with me. Most people didn't believe there was anything wrong with me. You are not suppose to let, what other people say or think bother you, but that is easier said than done.

There is suffering in silence. Yet that is only a relative term. If you have tinnitus, there is no silence........ever. Tinnitus is ringing in the ears. Mine is so loud that I have to be surrounded by some noise, at all times. Have you ever fell asleep with the TV on and woke up to a loud and annoying test pattern noise? What if you couldn't shut it off..........ever????? My tinnitus is not a test pattern noise, but just as annoying.Please wait for a few minutes, if the tinnitus noise, doesn't load right away.
It is similar to what many people experience. If you do not have tinnitus, this may give you an idea. How would you like to hear that constantly? That in itself can be maddening!

The inner ear is such a delicate structure,(connected with the brain) when it malfunctions, it can wreak havoc with the whole body. Dizziness, lightheadedness, nausea, violent vertigo, deafness, tinnitus, fatigue, headaches, disequilibium, inability to concentrate, are only some of the problems this can cause.

These problems may come and go at any type of interval. It affects people in so many different ways. I would not try to guess at how much depression, anxiety, and possible suicides, this may have caused.

This sounds pretty pitiful. But the last thing most of us want is pity! Just a little understanding of the disease, and some patience. We still want very much to lead productive lives. Staying as active as possible is one of the best things for physical and mental health.

So what is your may be asking? If someone you know is, bascally an honest person, then believe them, when they tell you something is wrong. For years, I had no idea, what was wrong with me. I began to doubt my own sanity. My wife, a few friends and relatives, and of course Dr. Thedinger, believed me. And like taking the road less has made all the difference.

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