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 Welcome to As A Man Thinketh Revisited


As A Man Thinketh, the timeless classic written by James Allen in 1904, appears to be a forerunner of most of today’s self-improvement movement. IF you have ever wondered just what the power of thought and thinking is: IF you would like to receive insight into our hidden world of inner power: IF you want a better life: this book may stir in you, the desire to seek the road to self-discovery and enlightenment.


  The original book is in public domain. You can download the original version, free of charge at Here I have written a more modern translation (as I see it) and removed many references that were common to the culture of the early 20th century. I hope it will make it easier to understand for the 21st century mind. I call it As A Man Thinketh Revisited. It is my sincere hope and desire that you receive great comfort and perhaps the insight to make changes in your life and truly enjoy all that we have in this world.


  If you have enjoyed this writing, please let me know by emailing me at the webmaster contact link below. This version is my own writing and may be reproduced or distributed with my written permission.


Gregory Folsom

August 17, 2002


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