7.5 mm Light Machine Gun - AA 52
The AA 52  is more correctly termed the Arme Automatique Transformable Modèle 1952. It was the first machine gun to be designed and produced in France after WW II as a general purpose light weight weapon. A later version was produced to take the NATO standard 7.62 mm round.
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Le AA52 - "Le Ciaquante-Deux"
A belt fed 7.5mm machine gun, normally issued one per groupe. It is a fairly innacurate weapon but is still used in the Legion today. Because of the inaccuracy of the weapon, it can pepper-spread a large area to the front -a useful application in certain scenarios. The weapon weighs 9.75kgs, it is simple and sturdy in construction, stripping and assembly is not a problem but the weapon is antiquated. It is supplied with a bipod and sling for carrying.