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All members of K-9 Search & Rescue of South Florida, Inc., are required to
have certification training as a First Responder or higher (i.e.;EMT, M.D.,
Paramedic), CPR, Hazardous Materials training (HAZMAT), Community
Emergency Response Team training (FEMA class),Technician No-Code Amateur
Radio License, Incident Command System training, Critical Incident
Stress Management training, and Search & Rescue Technician (II or III)
certification. Search & Rescue Technician III certification is required for
all members that are working in the base camp during a search. Search &
Rescue Technician II (SAR Tech II) is required for all members that will be
working in the field (i.e.;handlers, navigators, communications). For more
detailed information on the test material and practical test please refer to
the National Association for Search & Rescue site on the previous page.

Members will acquire a number of necessary skills and must have the knowledge
in several areas including survival, map and compass, first aid, canine
first aid, scent theory, lost person behavior, helicopter & fixed wing
safety, media relations, radio communications, evidence handling,
man-tracking, ropes & knots, and more. It is required for members to have
a 24 and 72 hour "Ready Pack" packed with all the necessary supplies and equipment needed to sustain the handler and canine in the field. We have a
standard list of equipment needs that includes rain gear, flashlights,
batteries, food for the handler & canine, water, clothing, compass, GPS,
radio, shelter material, sunscreen & insect repellent.

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