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Our Visit to Frogmore

Welcome to my online photo album.

Pam and Joan in front of Frogmore House

This Frogmore Estate is only open five days a year and we were lucky enough to know about it and visit during this time. I took the girls out of school and we spent the afternoon here. This is where Queen Victoria and Prince Albert chose to have their private tombs and family burial grounds.

Frogmore Mausoleum Statue

This is one of the angel statues out side of the crypt for the royal couple. The mausoleum itself is a greek structure similar to the mausoleums that Albert's family in Germany used. When he died prematurely they had already discussed where they would like to be buried. Most of the other kings and queens are burried in Westminster or some other great church in England. This private grounds let the queen visit her husband's grave without public notice. The effagies themselves are beautiful and very large. The girls ( and I ) were very, very impressed. Pictures weren't allowed to be taken of the interior but I bought a book and may duplicate the page with these so that you might understand how impressive they were.

Royal gravesites

There was a list of about thirty royals that are burried here behind the mausoleum. The Windsors ( the king that gave up his crown) are off to the far right... still being outcasts in death. There were fences up so that we could not walk up to the sites themselves, so this was our only view.